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How to Purchase Medical Image Equipment Successfully

Dec 2, 2020 | How Tos, General Imaging

The process of image equipment buying can be a daunting task, especially if you’re relatively new to the entire scene. While everything may seem rather straightforward, there are certain things you must keep in mind. The imaging equipment industry is a niche market, and it always pays to ask about things you’re not familiar with. Failing to ask usually results in misunderstandings and errors, which can lead to serious consequences. Keep in mind that image equipment serves an important role in healthcare, where countless lives are at stake. 

There are various factors to consider before settling into a purchase, especially since you only want to end up with the best product possible. You need professional advice, a constant stream of project updates, and of course, a reliable vendor. 

To help you get started, keep these three factors in mind:


Before Purchasing

Finding the right vendor is key to your success, so make sure to ask around before purchasing any parts or machines. Your vendor should be able to offer you the chance to inspect the machine, even if it’s currently installed or in use by another facility. 

Make sure to come with a knowledgeable representative to help you assess the imaging machine. After the visit, make sure to ask for a copy of inspection reports, photographs, and every quality control report made on the machine. 

Golden tip: Any de-installed system, especially those that do not come with inspection reports, should be deemed as a red flag. Should this happen, remember to proceed with caution, but it’s always best to just simply search elsewhere. 


Transporting Of Purchase 

Once you’ve found a vendor you can trust, understand that the work doesn’t stop there. You need to closely follow the de-installation method, as this can sometimes end up damaging the machine. If you cannot be physically present, make sure to ask for photographs. You’ll also want to gain access to the package system they use, and the way the machine will be loaded into the vehicle. 

Golden tip: Keep in mind that mishaps can also happen during transportation, especially if the machine has not been packaged properly. For this reason, documentation is paramount.


Receiving Your Purchase 

Be sure to be on-site when the vehicle arrives, as you’ll want to take a second look on the equipment. You’ll want to take photos of the packaging and the actual machine, especially upon removal of the packing materials. Any visible damages must be photographed immediately, to be sent to the vendor for further communication. 

If everything is in good condition, have it loaded into your facility and conduct a test run. You’ll want to consult your specification lists, as well as manuals, phantoms, controls, and even the software. If anything is amiss, contact the vendor immediately.


Ensuring A Successful Image Machine Purchase

Although most of the steps discussed above may seem obvious, it’s always best to emphasize them, especially when it comes to huge investments. If anything, any process involving common sense tasks is prone to bigger errors, so it pays to constantly study and review what needs to be done. In the midst of a hectic schedule and a mountain of tasks, it always pays to ensure you have documentation and proper communication processes. 

When it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, DirectMed Parts is the place to call. We offer you the best medical imaging parts and services, ensuring that your facilities are always equipped with quality products. Allow our professionals to quickly and accurately deliver your machines, all without the fear of receiving damaged items. 

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