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3 Factors to Consider Before Buying Mobile CT Scanners

Aug 5, 2021 | How Tos, CT

Hospitals need CT scanners because they produce very detailed images that can help medical practitioners locate tumors, blood clots, bone fractures, and more. As a result, patients can benefit from getting an improved diagnosis and treatment.

Although CT scanners help patients take better care of their health, one of their drawbacks is they take up a lot of space. This may become a problem for smaller hospitals that struggle with limited space to accommodate large imaging equipment. Fortunately, mobile CT scanners are available as an alternative. To determine if investing in one (or some) is the right option for your hospital, consider these factors before buying:

  • Cost

Mobile CT scanners can save your hospital a lot of space, but they are quite expensive. You may even need to purchase additional items and hire extra staff to operate these machines. This is because repair and maintenance fees can be costly.

Before investing your capital into this imaging equipment, determine if your hospital really needs it compared to the traditional CT machine. You can do this by exploring your options before making a decision. Also, consider partnering with a medical imaging service provider for equipment, staffing, maintenance, management, and other costs associated with the use of CT scanners to maximize your budget.  

Another option is to go for used and refurbished imaging equipment. Although this is pre-owned, it is efficient and reliable. It also comes in multiple well-established brands to choose from at significantly reduced prices. If you need CT parts for your second-hand equipment, make sure to source them from trusted suppliers.

  • Space 

Although mobile CT scanners are merely half the size of traditional units, there still needs to be some allowable space for the machine itself and the personnel that will use it. Fortunately, you can move around the mobile CT machines, store them temporarily when necessary, and bring them to certain rooms to serve more patients. Then, just monitor where the unit is brought around in your facility to ensure convenient retrieval. 

  • Warranty and resale value 

Since mobile CT machines are a hot commodity in the healthcare sector, you must have a reliable unit that will last for up to seven years or more. This way, aspiring buyers are already to purchase second-hand units that are still reliable and can be upgraded. So, ensure that the warranty policies and maximum serviceability are some of your top priorities for making the most out of this complex, high-end device. 

If you are having trouble with connecting to willing buyers, connect with medical imaging companies that buy used medical imaging machines, allowing them to either refurnish the entire thing or take it apart to sell the functional components as replacements. 



Mobile CT scanners are ideal for small hospitals like yours because they address your need for medical imaging without requiring a lot of space. But before buying, make sure they are worth your money by considering the factors listed in this guide. Meanwhile, if you need further information and guidance, seek expert advice from us to make an informed purchasing decision.

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