When It Comes to Your MRI System, What Is – End of Life

by | Jun 3, 2021 | MRI

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There will always come a time when buying a new MRI system is necessary. A good way to go about this is through consulting an OEM, especially if comparing it with a refurbished MRI system. It’s possible to hear about the system being referred to as “End of Life” by that point. 

While it sounds like the MRI system is nearing the end of its functional state, it’s far from the truth. This term is usually one way to encourage customers to upgrade to newer models instead. 


“End of Life”

When it comes to MRI systems, “End of Life” refers to that specific model having been out of production or discontinued for at least a decade. There are times that an OEM making use of this term is a way for them to convince you to get something else. Something more modern, more current, like the Siemens MRI Skyra or whatnot. 

The reasoning is that when you get a specific model that’s discontinued, you’ll end up with issues like inaccessible field service alongside the limited availability of certain parts. Some parts might not even be available at all. All of those issues are generally magnified so that you’ll feel compelled to buy a newer model. 

That said, if your business is a startup, purchasing a new MRI model at the beginning may not be wise.


Is an “End of Life” MRI System Bad?

In truth, for the most part, when an MRI system is designated under “End of Life” there’s no major worry. While it’s been labeled as “End of Life” already, at some point, the OEM had it as one of its most successful models. As long as the MRI machine has been maintained and serviced properly, it will last for several years after the “End of Life.” 

Vendors of refurbished systems that actually find pride in quality work will do the machine justice. The machine will undergo functional testing, and the aforementioned refurbished vendor will also see about spare parts being available. The last thing they will want is to be unable to have their service contracts justified.

It’s actually more convenient and cost-efficient to have refurbished machines maintained. The same goes for any service that may be needed. Since the model has been around awhile, more engineers would have already worked on it. This means there will be no shortage of professionals who have hands-on experience with the model.

It should be noted that just because an MRI model is refurbished doesn’t mean it’s OEM discontinued. Usually, there’s a high demand for certain models that were discontinued in a secondary market. If you’re looking to at least break even with your MRI business, these are the ideal choice.



When it comes to MRI systems, “End of Life” refers to a model that’s been discontinued for at least a decade. Contrary to the upselling tactics used by most OEMs, end-of-life systems are still functional and will continue to serve well. A refurbished MRI machine that’s been well-maintained and serviced can last years after “End of Life.”

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