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MRI HELIUM Fill Service

The best prices in the USA on Liquid HELIUM. Full-service liquid helium and MRI fill service.

Wholesale Value

MRI Liquid Helium Fill

We Fill, You Chill

  • Wholesale HELIUM prices passed to you.
  • Full-service filling and competitive prices.
  • We service the entire USA.
  • Scheduled or Emergency Fill Service Offered.

We provide helium filling service that is safe, reliable and hassle-free. You never have to worry about the maintenance, and transfer of liquid helium again.

Get better prices using DirectMed, leveraging our Volume Discount.



If your system needs replacement parts, we can help with 60,000 MRI and CT parts in our San Diego warehouse.



Wholesale Liquid Helium – MRI Fills

  • We buy VOLUME, you get the discount
  • You receive liquid HELIUM and fill service as a single package. This ensures a smooth and professional client experience.
  • MRI cooling article.
  • 100 Liters to 100,000 Liters, Call Us.
  • One Time Fills or Recurring.



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