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Feedback From Our Customers Experience

We will always continue to reinforce the importance of customer care with all of our employees.

“The DirectMed team is always very responsive which is key to this industry. They de-installed our GE Highspeed within a few days, putting us ahead of schedule. It allowed us to install our new GE VCT earlier.”

– Ryan S., New York
Radiology Director

“DirectMed’s remote monitoring application notified me via text that my MRI was increasing in pressure at an abnormal rate. I gave them a call and they identified the coldhead being the source of the problem. They quickly arrived on site and installed a new cold head!”

– Jason C., California
Radiology Director

“When it comes to coil repairs, DirectMed is always our first choice. Ever since we started using DirectMed, our coil spend has decreased dramatically, all while receiving top notch customer service from a knowledgeable team.”

– Jessica R., New Jersey
Radiology Director

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