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Common MRI Parts In-Stock


Part Name Part Number
GE MRI Patient Table Wheel Bearing 46-243494P1
HP 8000XW MRI Computer 2368697-8
Halogen Lamp Assembly 2222548-2
Respiratory Bellows Assembly E8811ED
Wheel Housing Assy W/ Wheels 5180380
1.5T 8CH Body Array Coil (Legacy Connector) 2377425-2
Plastic Bearing Shoulder Mount Screw 2330275
MRI Cradle Wheel Bearing – 11 ball 5177597
1.5T 8 Channel Body Array HD 2415366
Matrix Body Coil 7579555
1.5T Excite Multicoil Assembly 2296093-2
73GB Hard Disk (for XW8000, XW9300) 5143798-3
SCP2 Board (SCP-II Board) 2294300-12
Caster Housing 46-243167P1
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Spine 2423194
Cradle Wheels with Housings (Set of 6) 5179918
ERBTEC System Support Module (SSM) 2160200-43
ACGD/SGA Power Supply 2334862
On-Line 1625-004-01 Snubber Board 46-307819P13
CCS Fan 7121267
Syphon Seal Kits 4763392
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil 472GE-64
HFA ACGD Gradient Amp 5176921
Image Compute Node HDx 5127452
Gear Reducer 46-282359P2
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (Dual Cable) 2423192
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (Legacy) 2377426-2
Value ICN 5130108
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Neck & Chest 2423193
Analogic 8103, SRFD2 Amplifier 2230683
MGD Chassis APS W/IT Board 2294300-4
HD Driver Module 5110612-2
1.5T Dynamic Disable 2113280
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (P Connector) 2423192
1.5T 12 Channel Body Array Coil (A & B Port Hypertronix) 2415561
Spine T/L Brass Screw- Cover IPN-10106759
BIT 3 PCI Adapter Card Excite II (IT Host) 2235744-5
Dock Spring (Metal or Plastic) 5448742
GP3 Module 2331400-2
Flowmeter – Water Flow Turbine Assembly 2333825
Head Matrix A Tim Coil 7577732
Longitudinal Drive Coupling 46-282363P1
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Adapter 2416329
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (HD) 2416758
12 Channel Body Array (P Connector) 2416616
Socket Group 2 – 1.5T 7581932
3.0T 8 Channel Legacy Torso Array 2381683-2
Longitudinal Motor Assembly 46-271439G3
Copper Seal 3228710
MPCU 3 7383396
DIGI Terminal Server 2379186
1.5T Body Hybrid Splitter 2274266
GE MRI Carriage Screw 46-265089P1
Hydraulic Pump Assembly 46-265779G1
1.5T Avanto Knee/Foot Coil 474SI-64F
Condor Power Supply 2294300-8
HP 9300 Host Workstation 5143798-14
50 and 60 Chiller By Lytron 2222564-30
146 GB, 15K.5 Hard Drive ST3146855SS
Spine Matrix Coil 7579340
3.0T 8 Channel HDMR2 Torso Array Coil (Rx) 2415410
SCP 3 2294300-22
Plunger Slide 2330269
Brain Bucket 5146634-BB
RFPA E6 Dora 4753062
Central Unit 4757204
UCERD 2221400
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Anterior Bridge 2418267
Twin Gradient Switch Box 2253466
1.5T Split Head Coil Cable ID 2336560
1.5T GEM HNU 5407408
Socket Group 1 – 1.5T 7581924
MRI Remote Diagnostics Unit (RDU) DI-MRIRDU-V1-GE
1.5T GEM Anterior Array 5391442
MR Excite Host Linux PC HP 8200 5117866-25
Ring Nut HE-Syphon 3228249
UTNS 3 2366218-2
Sun 4100 Image Compute Node 5127452-3
CSW-71D Helium Compressor 2188440-2
HFA Control Board 2396050-2
RF Door Fingers PECF3127300
Avanto CP Extremity Coil 7579472
Double O-Ring Brass Pugg 2236606
PS/2 Three Button Optical Mouse 2368697-2
Carriage Travel Sensor Flag 46-282436P1
SCSI Tower 2381744
Dock Motor Assembly 5134463
Intercom Module 4757261
1.5T 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Coil (Legacy) 2317112-2
1.5T MARK 9000 USAI Phased Array Shoulder Coil 2375136-2
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil ID Cable 2383613-3
D100 Board 7563021
GE 4K Gasket Install Kit 2171620
3.0T Body Hybrid Splitter 2370221
TVSS MODULE 2301200?3
Neck Matrix A Tim Coil 7577906
3.0T 8 Channel High Resolution Brain Array 2380637-2
Squeeze Bulb W/ Tubing and Connector 4757246
SRI-3 5105270
Magnet Monitor III 2394952
1.5T RFI Module 2255388
Long Drive PM Servo Motor (MG3-A7) 46-282360P1
8 Channel Body Array Coil Strap 2377425-8
1.5T Quad Head QD Coil ID 2384268
ACGD Gradient Amp 2270055
146GB Hard Drive for Z400 (ST3146855SS) 5370415-2
Final Stage XXL Gradient 7563955
Gradient Axis Assembly 281+ 45221503928
Sumitomo RDK-408A2 Coldhead 2218465-3

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