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Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Medical Imaging Needs

Jun 10, 2021 | How Tos, General Imaging

Certain construction projects will definitely be easier than others, as each one presents its own set of challenges that need to be overcome. Even something as “simple” as erecting a phone pole up has problems that need addressing—and the same can be said about building a medical imaging room! Fortunately, many of these challenges can be addressed quickly and effectively with the right contractor by your side.

If you are planning to build a brand-new medical imaging room or facility, then choosing the right contractor is a must. Not all contractors are up for the job, nor offer the right skill sets that you need to construct a medical imaging facility that will be up to par for your needs. For that reason, we want to share with you some tips you can follow to help pick the right contractor for the job:

1. Get some references

When talking to a contractor, the first thing you should first do is get references for their past projects. You will want to work with a contractor who has worked with building medical imaging facilities or something similar to it! 

By meeting with someone with experience, you can actually see the final results of their previous projects and see whether it will fit what you need. Beyond that, their knowledge on the matter will ensure that everything goes without a hitch in the construction process.

2. Ask the contractor questions

Though it may sound harsh, remember that you are putting a lot on the line when giving a contractor the job of constructing your medical facility. As such, you should be asking them as many questions as possible. 

Questions like whether or not they met deadlines in their previous projects, what challenges they faced on previous projects, and what costs came as a surprise in previous projects are all critical questions to ask. What you want is a contractor that is happy to share these things with you. This proves that they are transparent, trustworthy, and will more than likely be able to meet your needs.

3. Ensure a smooth flow of information

If you do decide on a contractor, there’s a lot of information you will need to share with them. For instance, they will need to know what kind of machines you will want to set up in the facility to be able to create a room or even a building that can support its use. 

For that reason, it is recommended that you connect your contractors with your other providers, such as the equipment provider. At the same time, sit down to review things like sockets, outlets, and other connections to see to it that your electrical and various other demands are met.



Along with the tips above, you can do many other things, such as discuss the contractor’s insurance, taking the extra time to learn more about the contractor, and other things to finally decide whether they’re the right pick for you. Regardless, do not push the process too quickly. Though you may have a deadline to meet, only through working with the right contractor will it guarantee that the final result is something you will be happy with. 

That being said, whatever you do, try to get everything in writing! People can forget, but with writing, no one can deny what has been written. Everything from costs down to responsibilities should be in writing, ensuring that the project flows smoothly and that everyone knows exactly what to do!

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