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Why Mobile MRI and CTs Are Appealing to Medical Facilities

Aug 10, 2021 | Articles, CT, MRI

Investing in healthcare technology can be quite a leap for many medical facilities, especially as new machinery and devices are being developed every day. One essential thing that every clinic or hospital should have nowadays is medical imaging technology. It’s almost integral to have a scanner that will be able to help with diagnosing patients accurately.

The problem with that is CT scanners can be rather expensive and demanding logistically, with MRI scanners even more so. It can be hard to find what can be offered to patients that also works best within your current budget and space.

Luckily, the emergency of mobile MRI and CTs is an excellent fix for those problems and allows you to deliver even better service to patients. These trailer-esque rooms provide you with all the abilities that any regular MRI and CT would provide, all in one movable space. Here are a few other reasons why mobile MRI and CTs appeal to many medical facilities.


It Is Capacity-Friendly

One big reason medical facilities may turn down getting an MRI or CT scanner is that they can be quite demanding in terms of space. A whole room has to be dedicated to the machine itself and the control center. It has to be big enough for any supporting devices and wires as well. 

With a mobile MRI or CT, you can have that space parked in your property rather than making room and being limited inside your facility. You could even make a pathway to connect the movable space if you’re stationing it in its position permanently.


It Is Within Budget

As mentioned above, both a regular MRI and CT scanner can be pretty heavy on one’s budget. Both can cost up to $2.5Mand $1.5M, respectively, which is simply daunting for more local and smaller medical facilities. Some take into consideration the other costs they could use that sum of money on and deem their finances cannot handle such a transaction.

Getting mobile imaging technology has proven to be a genius alternative, though. The prices can be much more manageable, and medical facilities won’t have to shell out more on the on-site construction needed as everything comes in a mobile space at once.


It Is a Flexible Investment

Technology is constantly changing as upgrades keep coming in. MRI and CT scanners are no exemption as new parts with improved features are on offer. Mobile versions of the MRI and CT can be much easier to get enhanced and upgraded since there’s less commitment in the lease, and it won’t inconvenience the facility.


It Is in Different Variations

Although it may seem like getting a mobile MRI or CT scanner will be a standard and done deal, there are actually different options for medical facilities to choose from. An OEM Built System can be integrated into a trailer in its original form, or it can be something that has been refurbished. 



Having diagnostic imaging tech is very important, and mobile MRI and CTs are providing an accessible way of attaining those services for the patients who need it. Since they’re easily upgradable and forgiving both financially and logistically, mobile healthcare technology is worth looking into. 

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