When Mobile MRI Makes Sense For Your Healthcare Facility

by | Apr 7, 2021 | MRI

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There’s no doubt that magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRIs) are integral components in the healthcare industry, that’s why there are rising innovations that pave the way for solutions like mobile imaging to promote flexible expansion. 

After all, MRI machines are expensive modalities that may be too costly for smaller medical practices, making mobile MRIs a perfect alternative for facilities that cannot support an in-house system. 


What is a Mobile MRI? 

As the moniker suggests, a mobile MRI works just like any other diagnostic imaging equipment, but the suite is integrated into a 48-inch semi-trailer to promote seamless movement from one location or facility to another. Of course, it’s not a suitable option for all hospitals, especially for established facilities that demand in-house MRI suites, but it can be the ideal choice for the following situations.


When It Makes Sense to Consider Mobile MRI Services


  1. When Your Medical Practice Wants to Introduce a New Modality

If your healthcare facility doesn’t have MRI imaging services in the past, then you can dabble on the new modality by renting a mobile MRI unit. Jumping the gun by purchasing an in-house suite can lock you into an expensive investment that may not generate results that meet your capital outlay, but mobile MRI units offer a chance to analyze the effectiveness, volume, and potential of this new service. 


  1. When Your Medical Practice Does Not Cater to a Population, Location, or Cost that Suits In-House MRI Services 

Not all populations demand constant access to an in-house MRI service, so renting a mobile unit should give your practice enough flexibility to schedule services whenever the need arises. This should address long-distance complications without the financial burden of installing in-house MRI suites, allowing providers to boost patient care accordingly. 


  1. When Your Healthcare Facility Has Building Constraints or Space Issues that Make In-House MRI Prohibitive 

Medical facilities find value in every available square footage and extending the space to cater for in-house MRI services will require expensive real estate. Mobile MRI units can bridge the gap in your diagnostic imaging services, though you can also offer mobile MRI in addition to your in-house suite for hospitals that need to scale up services without the need to renovate. 


The Bottom Line: Mobile vs. In-House MRI Equipment: Which is the Better Investment For You?

In-house MRI suits will always come on top in terms of their sophistication and establishment, but providers like DirectMed Parts strive to offer mobile MRI units that can go toe-to-toe with the legacy of in-house suites. When the situation, location, or your budget calls for it, opting for mobile MRI services can offer an experience that is just as positive, productive, and seamless.


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