Understanding MRI Software Development

by | Feb 4, 2021 | MRI

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In the past year, MRI technology advanced by leaps and bounds. The software that analyzes the electromagnetic data has grown, and modern systems can now provide faster contrast scans, simplified cardiac imaging workflows, and better lung scanning. Newer models can now provide visual and functional information like never before. 

Beyond medical data, many of these machines’ interfaces have been improved as well, shortening adjustment periods, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, and minimizing mistakes. 

Modern software solutions and updated MRI scanners provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with better and more accurate data. As the world continues to fight a raging pandemic, better MRIs can only help.


The value of upgrading your system

As we have mentioned before, MRI software has advanced dramatically in the past year. The rest of the hardware remains relatively the same. You might wonder: if your current MRI systems are still functioning, why should you invest in a new one? After all, hospital equipment is not cheap. Buying a new MRI or outfitting it with all the latest parts is no small feat.

For starters, 50% of machines are replaced within 11 years of their installation. If you maintain it well and regularly replace worn out MRI parts, you might extend that to 22 years. However, you will slowly notice that your machine is breaking down more often. MRI scan results might start to become more and more flawed, resulting in misdiagnoses.

As the manager of a healthcare institution, you cannot abide by such mistakes. Even just one misdiagnosis can lead to expensive malpractice lawsuits. These not only put your financial stability at risk but the reputation of your healthcare facility. 


The attractiveness of comprehensive care

Patients will always gravitate towards professionals and institutions that can better understand their circumstances. Whether this means doctors with better bedside manner or machines that can give better results, you have a greater chance of attracting patients if you have all the latest technologies.

Many of these new MRI systems can provide a more comfortable experience overall. MRI scans can be uncomfortable, especially since patients have to spend a minimum of 45 minutes in the chamber. If your system can analyze scans more quickly, then your patient might be out of that tube before long.

Not only that, but these new machines are often equipped with entertainment systems that can ease the experience just a little bit more. Internet radio and Bluetooth connectivity are just some of the features that may calm nervous patients. The beauty of software development in the modern age is that developers are expected to update and improve their systems over time. 

Essentially, if you buy one of these newfangled MRI scanners, it will just get better over time. 


Final thoughts

The landscape of healthcare is an ever-evolving field—and rightly so. If healthcare professionals and institutions hope to provide comprehensive care, they must adapt and adopt the latest technologies. Not only are improved MRI parts and systems more convenient for both the doctor and patient, but they can also save lives. 

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