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The Top Diagnostic Imaging Manufacturers – Part 2

Nov 6, 2020 | Articles, General Imaging

We previously listed the top-performing MRI manufacturers contributing to the advancement of diagnostic imaging. Today, we continue to name critical players in the parts inventory and machinery sector. 


1. Hitachi Medical Corporation

Hitachi MRI Oasis

Hitachi MRI Oasis

Hitachi Medical manufactures and sells all types of diagnostic imaging systems, alongside medical information systems and devices. Though headquartered in Tokyo, Hitachi operates through subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe to provide services to public, university, and private hospitals.

Its top-performing systems include the Airis Vento and Aperto Lucent MRI machines. In 2012, Hitachi received U.S. FDA clearance to introduce its new Echelon Oval 1.5T Ultra-Wide MR system, preceding a new permanent magnet open MRI design and superconducting MRI equipment. 

In the same year, Hitachi broke ground with one of the highest revenues at $2.1 billion, increasing over 35% from its revenue in the previous year. 


2. Hologic

Located in Bedford, Hologic is a leading manufacturer and provider of premium diagnostic systems specifically designed for women. Its innovative imaging technology includes advancements in digital radiography and breast-imaging applications.

Thanks to its broad range of technologies, Hologic has aided in diagnosing and treating early-stage breast cancer, cervical cancer, menorrhagia, osteoporosis, and pre-term birth risks, among other things. 

Its core operations are in breast health, diagnostics, OBGYN, and surgical health. Hologic’s C-arm imaging applications are of superior quality, providing low-intensity, real-time X-rays at radiation levels. 

Hologic’s pioneering system is the Selenia, a full-field digital mammography scheme that incorporates dozens of other mechanisms.


3. Esatoe

Esatoe focuses on production for healthcare markets with a high demand for MRI and IT systems. Its top-performing brands include MyLab, RISolution, and Cardioplanet, with 13 subsidiaries worldwide. 

Esatoe operates only under two medical divisions: medical systems and medical IT. It is best known for its cutting-edge MRI system, which is utilized primarily in spine imaging procedures. 

The up-and-coming manufacturer even provides systems for veterinary diagnostic imaging, alongside ultrasounds, MRIs, and non-imaging ECG. Its dedicated imaging systems are particularly useful in scanning knees, shoulders, and extremities. 


How Many Brands of MRI Scanners are There?Modern 3T Philips MRI Machine

If your establishment has been on the MR market for some time, you’ll have heard of GE, Siemens, and Philips. However, you may be surprised to discover that sixteen companies currently manufacture and sell parts and scanners.  

Products under these companies are FDA-approved in the United States, with a few models no longer in production but up for refurbishment. You’ll find that most independent companies function out of Asia. 

Brands you may be overlooking include: 

  1. Anke
  2. Aspect Imaging
  3. Aurora
  4. Basda Medical
  5. Canon Medical Systems
  6. Fonar
  7. Hyperfine
  8. JiangSu MagSpin
  9. Liaoning Kampo Medical
  10. Neusoft
  11. Ningbo Xingaoyi
  12. Paramed Medical Systems
  13. Time Medical Systems
  14. United Imaging
  15. Wandong Medical



Medical imaging parts and services can be challenging to navigate, with an abundance of options worldwide. Narrow your search by getting to know the top-performing manufacturers and what they’re renowned for. 

If you’re on the lookout for state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery to suit your current MRI and CT infrastructure, explore over 8,000 SKUs with DirectMed Parts. We support dozens of systems and offer services for MRI coil repair, among others. 

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