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Telltale Signs of Impending CT Scanner Failures

Dec 2, 2020 | Articles, CT

Modern medical technologies are built to last, which is why they are so expensive to purchase in the first place. The research and development placed into their creation are by a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to producing life-saving technology. Most hospitals invest millions of dollars into medical technology, making them reliable facilities for services as crucial as healthcare. These come in the form of various treatment machines and other body imaging devices. 

Diagnostic imaging is an essential tool used by hospitals and healthcare centers to discover internal anomalies and abnormalities without invasive techniques. Within minutes or hours, medical professionals can locate any health disparities, giving doctors a better idea of treating patients. There are plenty of machines available in the market, and the most popular methods of diagnosing patients are using CT scanners and MRIs. 


Computed Tomography Systems

Computed tomography systems or CT systems are very reliable forms of diagnostic imaging that are accurate and essential in the healthcare industry. Compared to the MRI scanners that use magnetic resonance to provide an image of soft tissues, CT systems have components that use x-rays to develop a picture of a patient’s internals. 

CT parts for various models are very durable and can last for years on end. However, it pays to note that any machine with moving components is always subject to wear and tear, requiring servicing and maintenance over time. Engineers that have worked on these medical technologies are well aware of the potential dangers that damaged imaging machines pose. This danger is why they recommend keeping an eye on specific warning signs that may surface whether it is related to Siemens CT parts or other brands:


Warning and Error Messages Persist

Error messages or warning indicators that persistently pop out during use or when on standby are typically indicative of specific CT parts that are failing or nearing expiration. All medical technologies are meant to last for only a particular number of years, which will eventually require an upgrade to newer systems to keep up with the accuracy and safety of use. 

When a machine detects constant failures or cannot deliver scans with precision, it is time to start contacting a field service engineer to monitor the CT parts that might be damaged. Never take warning or error messages lightly, as technologies have these built in to indicate pressing problems. 


Irregular Sounds From the Machine

Imaging scanners will definitely emit a sound, but sometimes, sounds can indicate damage or loose CT parts. Most of these sounds are found with the x-ray tube, which is the most expensive part to replace in the system. With the entire scanner depending on this tube, having it working well is necessary to ensure that the results produced are accurate and precise. If any sounds have a scraping or humming tune from the machine, this can be an issue with the x-ray component’s housing. 


Worn Sliprings and Brushes

CT parts include plenty of high-quality industrial-grade materials, with wear and tear causing issues with the overall operation when not functioning correctly. Worn carbon brushes linked to the slipring can cause inaccurate image quality and can even abort scans that have to be done immediately. 



There are plenty of telltale signs that a CT system has to be serviced by a professional engineer. With hospitals banking on accurate diagnostic imaging, there is no margin for error in saving lives. By ensuring that CT parts are smoothly installed and working, this seamlessness will reduce the incidence of fatalities and other damages caused by inaccuracies and guesswork. 

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