Choosing the Best Vendor for Your MRI, CT, PET CT, or CATH Lab

by | May 14, 2021 | Industry

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Diagnostic imaging equipment like CT scanners, MRI machines, and more are among the heftiest investments in the healthcare industry, all for good reasons! These multimillion-dollar units can take up plenty of space, and while they often cost an arm and a leg, these tools play key roles in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of structural abnormalities in the body.

But not all imaging equipment perform the same, and aside from the varying levels of quality based on the newness of the model, the vendors also have a hand at influencing the overall functionality of the MRI machines. 

Other factors such as the costs and kind of system are paramount, but it helps to narrow down your options first by determining the best vendor to supply your needs. There are different ways to approach your imaging equipment project, and here are some of the vendors you should consider: 

  • Brokers 

Brokers work like buyers and sellers, which means they often handle the equipment in the market but don’t have any ownership over them. They also strive to sell with as few risks as possible, making them a bang for your buck since brokers also provide refurbishment, installation, and other imaging services. 

While cheaper doesn’t always mean poor quality, keep in mind that brokers are not the best solution since they often focus on short-term sales. If you need to upgrade your imaging models within a budget, then dealing with brokers may be the better option. 

  • Equipment Providers

Equipment providers own the equipment, so you can guarantee better quality when partnering with them since their services often come with warranties and coverage agreements. They are the most reliable choice in the industry, but their unprecedented services come at a heftier price tag. With that in mind, hospitals with more headroom in their budget to set a comprehensive service arrangement for long-term service coverage can benefit from equipment providers. 

  • Parent Companies 

If your practice is looking for the best of both worlds between the vendors above, then working with parent companies is right up your alley! They are partners who offer a holistic approach to your imaging equipment needs, which means they’ll be providing all the nine yards from refurbishment, installation, service, tech support, proforma help, and more. 

Seeing as parent companies offer an all-inclusive package, the con is that a percentage of your success will have to be given to your new partners over an agreed period. It’s an excellent option for starting practices that need financial assistance for the time being.


The Bottom Line: The Best Vendor Should Reflect Your Specifications, Budget, and Other Unique Needs

When it comes to building your imaging lab, be it for your MRI, CT, or Cath, the vendor you choose will have a cascading effect on your total costs, quality of performance, and even your business relationships. Every vendor has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to choose the right provider that suits your needs.


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