6 Benefits of Upgrading Your GE MRI Excite

by | Mar 5, 2021 | MRI

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GE—also known as General Electric—is one of the country’s most prominent MRI manufacturers. Its Excite model is also one of the most popular machines around, given its capabilities and efficiency. However, it is also an aging system, which means that many GE MRI Excite owners are now considering other options to replace them. 

Purchasing entire MRI systems can be costly, so many hospitals and clinics may feel pressured to choose between serving their patients better with more advanced MRI technology or staying within their budget. Fortunately, you can upgrade your Excite, which comes with many different benefits, without having to break the bank.

Here are six benefits of upgrading your GRE Excite:

1. It Helps Increase Patient Throughput

Aging MRI systems mean that they’ll gradually slow down over time, eventually taking much longer to scan patients. Since many MRI scans can take up to two hours, that means fewer patients will be in and out the door. However, by upgrading your machine with newer GE MRI parts, you’ll reduce scan times and cycle through patients much faster. By saving more time, you can book more patients, also increasing your revenue.

2. It Makes Patients More Comfortable

Many patients fear MRIs because it makes them feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Being in a tight, confined space for an hour or more can stir feelings of anxiety and distress, so upgrading your Excite means they’ll be spending shorter times in the tube. As a result, they’ll enjoy a better experience at your facility.

3. It Helps You Save Money

An entirely new MRI system comes with a host of benefits, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. These machines often cost well above the one million mark, and their installation adds even more to the expense. Choosing to upgrade your Excite will be much cheaper while affording you many of the benefits of a brand new system, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

4. It Removes the Need for Construction

New MRI systems often require construction, ranging from removing a wall to modifying your ceiling to attach a new magnet. Not only can these be incredibly expensive, but they can also disrupt operations in your facility; construction work is noisy, messy, and often produces tons of allergens like sawdust, affecting your patients and staff. Meanwhile, upgrading your Excite often includes just a box of coils, a cabinet, and software, eliminating the need to tear a room down to accommodate a new system.

5. It Minimizes Downtime

Completely replacing magnets can take anywhere between three weeks to a month, which means your system will be out of commission for that long. Your patients will be forced to look elsewhere for their scans, costing you revenue. However, upgrades take just a few days, ultimately minimizing downtime.

6. It Enhances Image Quality

The ultimate benefit of upgrading your GE Excite is to enjoy vastly improved image quality. By increasing the number of channels on your MRI and furnishing it with more modern coils, you’ll offer your machine a completely new level of precision and clarity. Your doctors will also feel more confident in their diagnoses given the improved detail in image scans.



Investing in GE MRI parts for your Excite is a great way to upgrade your system without having to pay for an entirely new one. By doing so, you’ll get the best of both worlds: an MRI system that functions faster and better than ever without spending millions of dollars on a new setup!

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