5 Incredible Advantages of the Phased Array MRI Coil

by | Feb 15, 2021 | MRI

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The greatest wonder of the modern age is the pace at which medical technology continues to evolve. Internal imaging, in particular, has grown by leaps and bounds. A recent development in MRI machines is a new part known as the Phased Array MRI Coil. This type of coil delivers parallel imaging with its multi-channel coils. Each coil has its own receiver set to different channel systems. 

The Phased Array MRI Coil works on both open and closed systems and is suitable for scanning the shoulders, head, neck, torso, and wrists. They also pose a number of benefits that make them a better upgrade from other MRI parts. These benefits include:

1. Faster scan times

People are never excited about MRI exams, especially since they average a minimum of 45 minutes. Not only that but patients are also required to hold their breath and stay still for long periods. For someone with an injury, this might be incredibly painful. 

The Phased Array MRI can make scans up to a whopping 16 times faster. Hour-long scans can be finished in less than 15 minutes. Patients might be less apprehensive about the experience inside the MRI machine. 


2. Better scan quality

The problem with using electromagnetic waves to perform scans is that there is plenty of natural interference (called noise). Your MRI has to find the image through all this noise, but this particular part can perform this task a lot better. The result is better and clearer scans.

This is a great leap forward in imaging technology, especially since it can allow healthcare professionals to diagnose conditions more easily. You can get definitive results more quickly, allowing you to deal with the condition sooner. After all, in some cases, the precious minutes mean the difference between life and death. 


3. Wider scan areas

The multiple scanners on the Phased Array MRI coil can allow technicians to scan wider regions of the body in each pass, making it perfect for vascular scans in many parts of the body. 


4. Safer scans

Most people worry about the electromagnetic radiation in MRI scans, but they might feel better when their healthcare provider tells them that their scan will only take 15 minutes. Electromagnetic radiation is generally safer, but the minimal exposure might assuage what fears a patient might have. 


5. More fiscally viable operations

With a phased array MRI coil upgrade, you will be able to scan more patients on a daily basis. Essentially, you would be making the most out of your MRI machine. You have a greater chance of making the most out of your investment. 

Given the greater efficiency, your medical facility would also be more equipped to handle higher patient loads. The fact that your scans only take 15 minutes might also attract more people to your establishment.


Final thoughts

When it comes to your healthcare facility, it pays to have state-of-the-art MRI parts and systems. The latest technologies are not just better for your bottom line, but better for your patients’ experience as well. Upgrading your MRI scanner with a Phased Array MRI coil might be the key to better diagnoses and better treatment.

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