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3 Steps That Will Save Money With Medical Imaging Repairs

Dec 11, 2020 | Articles, General Imaging

Medical imaging technology is by no means cheap, and this is evident in the exorbitant pricing models of having a scan done on a whim. Hospitals spend millions of dollars to equip themselves with facilities that can save lives and accurately diagnose their patients. These machines are products of the sharpest minds working together to produce incredible modern technologies for the greater good. 

While imaging technologies are built to last for long periods, there is no doubt that service periods come around, just like for any human-made machine. Whether you need your MRI parts replaced or an overall analysis of the produced images’ accuracy, the time will come, and these will often be costly if you’re not prepared. Here are some ways to save on the next time you have a service call done for your medical imaging machines:


Attempt Troubleshooting With Your User Manuals

Medical technologies often have their own troubleshooting techniques that can quickly fix some minor issues and problems. Remember that an engineer’s time is expensive, and when you call these professionals in to have a look, you’re already shelling out a few hundred dollars for them to have a look. Machines like an MRI or a CT scanner are just like computers, and simple things like running a full restart can fix various errors. Like user errors, other things can play into the accuracy of scans. Additionally, your respective unit, whether it is a GE or Siemens machine, has its proper use procedures. 

The worst is if you had an engineer come in to fix a problem that could have been found by troubleshooting from your own technicians or radiologists. Analyzing the manual is always good to see what can go wrong with overuse and human error before contacting professional help. 


Choose a Proper Engineer from a Reputable Company

If your hospital has spent millions investing in medical technologies, it won’t make sense to cheap out on engineers from a place that has not much experience in the field of MRI parts. You’ll want a reputable company that holds a wide selection of repair and replacement parts, along with the maintenance personnel who specialize in this field. DirectMed Parts and service offers a wide selection of MRI and CT parts and has engineers who can conduct MRI coil repairs and other service jobs. Investing more in a good company that provides excellent service and quality replacement parts will save you from headaches down the road. 

With expertise in the field, you know that your machines will be in good hands. After all, quality doesn’t typically resonate with the word “cheap.” By hiring a reputable company, you’re sure to enjoy the best results.


Don’t Future-Proof With More Parts

Purchasing extra MRI parts and other CT scanner replacement parts can be tempting, but stocking the wrong items for long might just be detrimental to your hospital expenses. The right imaging technicians and engineers will likely tell you what parts you need, so only purchase the ones immediately required for the machine. 

You can identify what is needed through error logs, which you can send to your technician for them to bring the right parts for the job. When another part fails, that is when you start contacting your engineer again to help put the machine back in working order. 



MRI parts and their replacement services can be quite costly, so be sure that you are taking the right steps to save on expenses. Never cheap out on quality service, as these are always the best option for long-term functionality and accuracy. Work with a top-tier company that provides high-quality replacement components and servicing procedures. 

DirectMed Parts is the premium source of MRI and CT Scan replacement parts in the USA. We carry a wide range of service products for various brands, putting your machine in good hands with us. Contact us to learn more about what components you may need for your MRI or CT scanners. 


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