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Should You Keep Siemens Medical Imaging Replacement Parts on Hand?

Nov 30, 2018 | Articles, Siemens

When a Siemens medical imaging device goes down or needs a replacement part to keep it running properly, it’s up to medical imaging specialists like you to address the problem as quickly as possible. Your employer and the patients being served are counting on you.

It would be ideal to have everything you need immediately at your disposal, but that’s usually not the case. Chris Watson is a veteran Siemens medical imaging engineer who is now a Product Support Engineer at DirectMed Imaging. He says that, unfortunately, it just isn’t feasible to keep most Siemens replacement parts on hand, because it’s nearly impossible to know what you might need the next time a machine goes down.

“The reality of being a medical imaging engineer is that you’re almost like a vulture, waiting for something to die,” he says. “There’s not a lot of proactive stuff you can do; you’re waiting for a part to fail, and then you need to take care of it.”

However, there are a few common parts and supplies that Watson believes would be wise to have on hand for quick replacement.

1. Mouse and Keyboard

“If you’re going to keep any parts in storage at your facility, on the top of the list would be a replacement keyboard and a mouse for different Siemens systems in your install base,” Watson recommends.

Obviously, engineers can’t run to Office Depot and pick up a basic consumer keyboard for an MRI or CT system. These are special parts including keys with unique functionalities and firmware that goes with the system. Having a replacement mouse or keyboard that’s immediately accessible lets you save the day with minimal disruptions to patient care.

Find a Siemens Replacement Medical Imaging Mouse at DirectMed Imaging:

2. Hand and Foot Switches

These parts tend to wear out due to frequent use or can be accidentally damaged if someone breaks wires connecting hand and food switches to a medical imaging system. Depending on the install base where you work, spare switches could be beneficial.

“If you have a few systems that use the same type of hand switch or foot switch, having one on hand can be helpful,” Watson says. “Otherwise, you may have to wait a day or two for a replacement part. With a spare hand or foot switch, there’s no downtime. You can just replace it, be a hero, send the old part to DirectMed Imaging, and order a new one to be the backup.”

Find Siemens Replacement Medical Imaging Switches at DirectMed Imaging:

3. Batteries

In a previous post we listed some Siemens medical imaging parts requiring frequent replacement, and Watson discussed the possibility of keeping spare batteries in storage. Parts such as portable X-ray machine batteries and UPS batteries have a standard life expectancy. You should know when they need to be replaced and can plan accordingly.

“I would be careful not to keep batteries for too long because energy does tend to drain a little bit while sitting in storage,” Watson advises.

Still, having the ability to quickly swap out a battery will save you time and shows your employer you are well prepared.

Find Siemens Replacement Medical Imaging System Batteries at DirectMed Imaging:

4. Supplies

There are some things you should always have around to help you service and maintain Siemens medical imaging systems.

“I would definitely keep some good cleaning supplies readily available,” Watson says. “It also never hurts to have some silicone oil for generator tanks and X-ray tubes.”

Speaking of supplies, PM Kits from DirectMed Imaging support imaging engineers by giving them everything they need to conduct regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM). Yet, there may be other things you need to repair or replace during PM. Watson suggests inspecting the system in advance so you can preorder any medical imaging parts that may be necessary.

“Before a PM I always recommend doing a site visit a week or two beforehand and looking for components that may need attention but are not included in the PM Kit,” he says. “Evaluate the machine by taking note of the life of the detector batteries and other batteries. See if you’ll need to bring any additional replacement parts when you do the PM.”

Contact DirectMed Imaging to inquire about ordering cleaning kits for different modalities.

Extra Replacement Parts in Hero Kits

Hero Kits can be a useful way to solve perplexing problems with medical imaging equipment when you don’t know exactly what needs to be replaced. However, when you call DirectMed Imaging for support, our first course of action is to try identifying the core problem so you only have to order what you really need. Instead of taking the easy way out – we take the time to ask the right questions and troubleshoot the issue.

“Hero Kits are not the first thing we recommend for our customers,” Watson adds. “But, if an engineer and one of our experts can’t narrow it down to a single component, leaving us thinking it could be one of three parts, then having all three may be necessary to save time.”

Our goal at DirectMed Imaging is to make sure you get systems running again as soon as possible. We do that by having a lower DOA rate on replacement parts than the OEM and by providing customer service and shipping solutions you can rely on. That may include Hero Kits in certain situations.

“If we send just one part on a Tuesday, and replacing it doesn’t fix it on Wednesday, that healthcare facility may not get the system back up until Thursday or later, and that’s just too long for it to be down,” Watson says. “The parts you don’t use in a hero kit can be sent back for credit.”

While it may not be practical to have a collection of medical imaging replacement parts on hand, having a partner that actually does is a benefit to healthcare facilities and the independent service organizations working on their equipment. DirectMed Imaging keeps a massive inventory of Siemens replacement parts in stock so that when you need something, it can be shipped to you at the earliest possible time.

Plus, our team of support engineers, including Chris Watson, can work with you over the phone to troubleshoot issues and identify solutions. Thanks to our free support, that call won’t cost you a thing. Contact us at 1-855-463-3727.

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