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Save Time and Save the Day with Free Technical Support on Siemens Medical Imaging Systems

May 24, 2018 | Articles, Siemens

Most of us have been trained to be wary of “free offers” because there’s almost always a catch. Almost. Every now and then, you’ll encounter honest efforts to earn trust and respect by giving away something valuable.

It may be hard to believe, and we can understand why you might be skeptical, but DirectMed Imaging truly does provide 24/7 technical assistance with absolutely no strings attached. You don’t even need to be a current customer. We’re here to help anyone repairing and servicing Siemens equipment.

There are a lot of reasons engineers hit roadblocks when repairing and servicing medical imaging systems. You don’t always need to order a replacement part. Sometimes, you just need someone to point you in the right direction.

Here’s why you can trust DirectMed Imaging when you call 855-463-3727 and ask for Technical Support. We have an automated phone menu where #2 is Support.

Support and Sales are Separate

When you first give us a call, you’ll reach a customer service representative at DirectMed Imaging. After a brief description of your problem, they’ll create a support ticket in our ERP system containing your specific situation, contact information, and any other relative information. The CSR will give you the support ticket number and one of our support engineers will contact you shortly.

Rest assured, you will not hear sales pitches when you speak with support. You want answers, not promotion.

We understand that when you call us your priority is getting the system back up and running as soon as possible. If your call results in needing to purchase a replacement part, we will transfer you back to customer service or sales for a quote, and the decision to order is up to you.

During support calls, we make a point to give direct and relevant information. If necessary, we’ll email you support documentation. You can send us photos to get clarification and email us follow-up questions.

Engineers have two goals, fixing problems with medical imaging equipment and preventing problems from cropping up in the first place. DirectMed Imaging regularly takes time to discuss preventive maintenance procedures and has incorporated this into our training courses. There are no insignificant questions.

Our job is to help you troubleshoot the issue, not make a sale. Our goal is simple: make your workday a little easier. We believe that by being generous with support and demonstrating our expertise, you’ll come back to us for parts and training when the time comes.

Reliable Expertise and Extensive Experience with Siemens Systems

DirectMed Imaging chooses to provide replacement parts, training, and support exclusively for Siemens medical imaging equipment. This allows us to constantly improve our expertise with what we believe is the premier manufacturer in the market.

We often receive support calls from engineers who are well-versed in GE or Phillips medical imaging systems, but Siemens is outside their current knowledge base. Figuring things out is like trying to understand a foreign language. Every OEM uses different terminology, and the equipment is built in a way so that certain parts may be replaceable for one manufacturer but not another.

Calling DirectMed Imaging for free support on Siemens medical imaging systems is like getting your own translator.

It’s also good to know that our Technical Support team is made up of the same people who train engineers and teach hands-on classes with Siemens systems. We develop the courses we teach, and we’re constantly training others. That helps us get better at answering questions, recognizing common challenges, developing best practices, and identifying solutions.

While every member of our support team has his own area of expertise, we also take each other’s courses, which helps us pass along knowledge and experience within our team and with you. Find out more about our experienced technical support team.

What Kind of Support Do You Get from the OEM?

When new medical imaging equipment is purchased from the manufacturer, you may negotiate support as part of the service contract. But don’t be fooled. That’s not free support, it’s bundled into the price you’re paying for the system.

The first thing Siemens Technical Support will ask for is your contact or purchase order number; even before asking about your system information. If you’re no longer under contract, or your contract does not include technical support, your employer will get a bill for that call. You may also find the level of support and what you’re charged may be inconsistent.

We’ve had engineers attending training courses at our facility tell us they’ve had five or ten-minute calls with Siemens Technical Support and were billed for a full half hour of time because that’s their smallest billing increment. OEM support can be costly, especially if you only need simple answers to questions such as, “How do I get to the error log?”

The Financial Value to Healthcare Facilities

You can directly connect the benefit of DirectMed Imaging’ free support to your employer’s finances. The time we’ll save you alone is enough of an advantage. But, when you take a closer look at the numbers, the value becomes even more apparent. We help healthcare facilities with Siemens medical imaging systems stay running, which means patients are served and budgets stay on track.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

If a CT system goes down at a hospital, you can estimate the average reimbursement for a patient exam to be around $1700. It’s safe to say that many hospitals are doing around four CT scans an hour. Let’s say the system is down for five hours that day.

This equates to $34,000 in reimbursement the hospital could miss out on.

Of course, those patients may simply reschedule or visit another location. But, in the meantime, schedules are disrupted and times when new appointments could have been made are filled by patients who missed their exam due to the down CT.

While Cardiac and Angiogram related exams occur less frequently than CT exams, the financial impact can be as or more financially substantial and pose greater significance to patient care. Lose just a couple of these types of procedures and your facility could be missing out on $40,000, $50,000 or more.

Furthermore, if a patient goes to a different healthcare facility for one of these tests, if the results warrant further treatment, it will most likely take place where the initial exam was given.

Hospitals and clinics may be able to rebound from a few hours of system downtime. But, if the downtime lasts for days or longer, there will be a permanent impact on the yearly budget. It’s plain to see how taking advantage of DirectMed Imaging’ free support can avoid wasted time and lost revenue.

Your Chance to be the Hero

Here’s the truth, it’s not important how you repair the system but how quickly you repair it. Your managers, the practitioners, and the patients simply want you to get it running again as soon as possible.

At DirectMed Imaging, we understand the pressure you’re under. Many members of our support team have worked as engineers and we can relate to the situations you find yourself in.

We want to help you save the day and become the kind of engineer who can be relied on when time is of the essence. You can think of DirectMed Imaging support as the secret weapon that helps you be the hero.

I sometimes compare it to having a friend who’s a good auto mechanic. You know you can trust the guy to give you honest advice on what do when you have problems or questions about fixing your car. He’s not going to charge you just to look under the hood.

You can also trust DirectMed Imaging to give you straightforward advice, whether you’re a current customer or not. We’re confident you’ll see the value in doing business with us.

Contact us today at 855-463-3727 for free technical support or to get a quote on Siemens replacement parts. Plus, don’t miss upcoming opportunities to receive training on Siemens medical imaging systems.

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