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Installation Tips to Make Siemens CT Tube Replacement Easier

Jun 12, 2019 | Articles, Siemens

You wouldn’t buy a new lamp after the lightbulb burns out. So, why would a medical imaging department replace a CT system after its X-ray tube fails? You probably shouldn’t, yet some facilities are convinced by salespeople to do just that.

Replacement tubes for CT scanners can certainly be a significant investment. However, compared to the price of upgrading from a system such as the Siemens Sensation, Siemens Definition, or Siemens Emotion families, installing a new or pre-owned tube will be a more cost-effective solution, even after the equipment reaches end of life (EOL).

One of the challenges that comes along with replacing a tube in a CT system is that you’re dealing with a very heavy and hard-to-lift part. Instead of just advising imaging engineers to “lift with their legs,” DirectMed Imaging provides easier ways to install a replacement CT tube.

It involves our CT Install Kit, which in addition to being useful when replacing a large X-ray tube, can help you install other large parts as well. Imaging engineers can use the patient table assembly to do most of the lifting. DirectMed Imaging delivers the tube in a crate on wheels, which conveniently allows for the part to slide into position for installation.

To see what we mean and learn more about our CT Install Kit watch the video below:

Before you get to the point of ordering a replacement part, there could be signs that the X-ray tube in a CT scan will fail soon. Log in and check the tube history log to see how many scan seconds are on the system. CT tubes typically last anywhere from 350,000 to 500,000 scan seconds depending on a variety of factors, including proper operation and adequate cooling.

Here are a few other warning signs that a CT X-ray tube is nearing end of life:

  • Humming sound from tube bearing: As the bearings inside the tube housing wear out, you or the technician may notice them making noise.
  • Tube cooling: CT systems stop to let the tube cool down as it reaches peak operating temperature. More frequent and longer cool downs are a sign the tube may have problems.
  • Interruptive Arcing: This occurs when the tube is arcing during the middle of a scan and regularly giving you error messages in your log. An immediate shutdown with an arc error means arcing is happening regularly.

When you have questions about tube installation or need any sort of troubleshooting assistance, our Technical Support Team is ready to help you out. You can call 855-463-3727 any day at any time for free support.

DirectMed Imaging also provides quality tested pre-owned and refurbished X-ray tubes as well as new X-ray tubes for your Siemens replacement parts needs. With a DOA rate that’s lower than the OEM’s and 24-hour support, we’re poised to be your trusted partner for all things related to Siemens medical imaging.

Contact our Parts Team today for a replacement part quote or to learn more about how we can serve your organization. Don’t forget to ask about our CT Install Kits!

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