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Brief Overview About The GE MRI TwinSpeed Excite

Provides highly detailed images that helps in evaluating a wide range of conditions, including stroke, cancer and musculoskeletal disease.

The G.E. Signa EXCITE 3.0T provides highly detailed images that helps in evaluating a wide range of conditions, including stroke, cancer and musculoskeletal disease. It was designed to increase image quality and resolution, while also increasing speed for enhanced productivity. It offers imaging volume with a 45 cm field-of-view imaging capability, which enables optimized neurovascular, orthopedic, and abdominal applications.



  • Double the magnetic field of 1.5T MRI
  • Ultra-compact 3.0 Tesla magnet (length: 200 cm (6.5 ft))
  • Patient weight limit of 159 kg (350 lbs)
  • Unique CT-like 60 cm (2 ft) Bore (tube) diameter with the highest levels of magnetic field homogeneity.
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. (12,000 kg (26,455 lbs))


Clinical Use Whole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 60 cm
Magnet Type Superconducting
Magnetic Field Strength 3 T
Patient Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Weight 26455 lbs


Top GE MRI Excite Parts in Stock


5250122 XGA Control Board GE MRI
46-220277P18 Retaining Ring GE MRI
5137347 1.5T Multi-coil I/F Module for Value 1.5T and HDMR_2 GE MRI
2376114 3.0T Split Head Coil GE MRI
5250122-2 XPS Control Board GE MRI
5380566 Vibrant Biopsy Breast Coil Mechanical Assembly GE MRI
5156321 5 HP Pump GE MRI
Bumper Kit for GE MRI TABLE GE MRI
5146634-6 Hi Resolution Brain Coil Superior Mirror GE MRI
2178379 8290 System Control Assembly (SCA) GE MRI
2358122 Interface and Remote RF Functions II GE MRI
2225479-9 1.0T Quad Extremity Coil Cable- Non ID GE MRI
2423192 Rev. 7 – Block 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Adapter Rev. 7 GE MRI
2423192 Rev. 7 1.5T 16 Channel HNS HNU (Single HDx Cable) Rev. 7 GE MRI
5250128 XGD Gradient Master Control Board GE MRI
46-258799G2 Clamp Knob GE MRI
5176411 Single Channel Adapter 1.5T HDV GE MRI
5173426 Dock Motor, 450W/750W GE MRI
2294300-13 MGD Chassis GE MRI
2303520 Diode Board GE MRI
2225549-4 1.0T CTL Anterior Bridge GE MRI
46-317220G21 Multicoil RF Cables GE MRI
Fiber Optic Cable GE MRI
46-274495P18 Retaining Ring GE MRI
2294300-7 MGD Chassis Fan GE MRI
5372735-FCC HNS Coil female anterior to posterior connector GE MRI
2114561-19 MR LX 104 English Keyboard GE MRI
46-237605P1 Wrist Security Strap GE MRI
2178378 8290 Gradient Amplifier Shelf GE MRI
5138526 Driver Module Lite GE MRI
5146875 GP3 Assembly for Value 1.5T HDe GE MRI
2151183 Techron Gradient Power Module GE MRI
46-265892P1 Dock Hook GE MRI
5338218 Plunger Slide GE MRI
5338217 Plunger Slide SCREW GE MRI
5178275 Body Hybrid TR/Switch Splitter GE MRI
5161071 XGD AUX PWB Enclosure Assembly GE MRI
46-328500G1 1.5T 600MM RF Body Coil Assembly GE MRI
46-328055G7 CERD Digital Board GE MRI
5140713-3 Tube Suspension Logic Assembly for GE Definium 8000 Digital Rad Room GE MRI
5555167 3.0T Anterior Array GE MRI
46-282919P1 GE MRI Wheel Lock Caster GE MRI
46-221865P1 RF Pen Panel Connector GE MRI
2148308-2 1.5T Quick Disconnect Box GE MRI
5121122-2 Fiber Cable RF 1F-J21 TO MGD 11F J7 GE MRI
2395043 GOC Audio Assembly GE MRI
2251363 Belt Pulley with Bearings GE MRI
46-260852G3 Emergency Evacuation Release Tool GE MRI
2323890-5 3.0T Preamp Board Assembly For Short TE GE MRI
5160929 SRI4 with Remote Intercom Board 3 GE MRI
2217675 P9364TA 6″ GP Assembly (Japan) GE MRI
5160254-2 3T HD T/R Knee Array Coil GE MRI
2254366-2 Magnet Interface Assembly GE MRI
2338079 Table positioning cable GE MRI
5931100-20 Gen 6 ICT 495W Power Supply GE MRI
2293674-3 1.5T PA TR Knee/Foot Phantom GE MRI
5177595 (Hardtop)Cradle Assembly With Packing for HDMR-2 GE MRI
5111020-2 B Bezel and Harness Assembly, 8 Channel GE MRI
2165155-2 85 MHz VMX Host CPU FRU Assembly GE MRI
46-317220P12 RF Cable (Run 729) GE MRI
2219400 Magnet Monitor GE MRI
2373366 3.0T Signa GP Flex Coil Assembly GE MRI
2100937-17 1.5T MedRad Anterior Shoulder Array Coil GE MRI
5172896 Coupling Half Dock Driver GE MRI
5183547-31 EXCITE PLUS HP8400 MR Host Computer GE MRI
2215261-2 1.0T Torso Array Coil GE MRI
2377425-GPad Body Array Grid Pad GE MRI
2169940-7 Option PCI Cardcage GE MRI
5273235-2 3.0T HD 8 Channel Foot Ankle Coil GE MRI
2262694-2 (880) MG3-A4-J9 TO PT1-J9 GE MRI
2113908 P9355YL SRU PDB Assembly GE MRI
2378157 SCSI Cable GE MRI
QVH-63 1.5T Wrist Coil GE MRI
2222532-7 AP Board (AP Power PC W/128MB – HEX) GE MRI
F70ADS F-70 Adsorber GE MRI
5147136-2 NMR – One Wire Temp And Humidity Sensor GE MRI
5215476 Pinch Guard and Arm Board Bumper Kit GE MRI
46-271766P1 Upper Drip Pan GE MRI
2218400-2 0.35T MFO MSHS (Mouse House) GE MRI
2169940-9 PCI, SCSI Card GE MRI


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