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Everything You Need To Know About:

GE CT LS 16 Slice

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Brief Overview About The GE CT LS 16

Sensitivity helps you deliver what we all want most:

  • Short acquisition times
  • Low injected dose per patient
  • Small lesion detectability 
  • Application software 07MW11.10.HP_P_G16_G_GHPT
  • Performix tube
  • Installed and clinically operational

    The GE Discovery LS 16 Slice PET/CT provides you with with the following Specification:

    • Innovations with a 40-mm detector at 0.35-sec rotation speed.
    • Up to 60% lower CO2 emissions using the energy saving mode.
    • Advanced applications to help clinicians make a fast and confident diagnosis.
    • ASiR2 technology may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images.
    • Simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation.
    • Scalable, modular design for ease of service.
    • 128-slice axial overlapped reconstruction for improved Z-axis visualization compared to non-overlapped reconstruction.


    GE CT LS 16 Parts in Stock


    2217993 Belt 4400MM 30MM GE CT
    2142415-7 LP-CC-15 Fuse GE CT
    5255299-31 VRB2 – VERB – VOLUME RECO GE CT
    5133506 Right Top Side Cover 1700 Assembly, Positioning GT GE CT
    2214606-22 Programmed KV Control Board GE CT
    5325728 Kittyhawk XA Detector GE CT
    5174169-2 HDV REMOTE RECEIVER MODULE 8 Channel GE CT
    5112551 Gantry Bearing Assembly GE CT
    2233745 DRF2 Assembly GE CT
    2317526 Display Board Panel GE CT
    2351200-3 KV Board GE CT
    5134582 PET Scan Window Kit GE CT
    5124921 Cable DAS Routing Cable GE CT
    5130814 Front Left Side Panel Assembly, VCT Table GE CT
    2347434-H H-Power Table Cable Harness GE CT
    2218158 DAS 5VDC Analog Power Supply with Bracket GE CT
    MX200-F MX200 Fan Assembly GE CT
    5330953-5 HP 8600 Power Supply GE CT
    46-229455P1 CT Table Power Supply Tube Axial Fan Axial GE CT
    5308760 250GB Seagate Constilation ES SADA Family Hard Drive GE CT
    5310002-3 CT Gantry Display for HDCT, White GE CT
    01-W1904B02B MVME 147SA-2 GE CT
    2367470-5 Fans Speed Control Sub-Assembly GE CT
    2247015 P2014NA Collimator Assembly GE CT
    5233047 Halo Detector Module VCT 64 GE CT
    2143979 CSB Assembly GE CT
    2300482 Pegasus Nancy TLA Assembly GE CT
    2245261 SDAS DIP GE CT
    5955048 VCT DIFB PWA GE CT
    2300169-2 Octane II Host Computer (Dual Processor) GE CT
    5109480 P9363BQ Display Assy GE CT
    2107544-2 HP DAS Digital Controller GE CT
    5125111 Limit Switch GE CT
    5131624 High Resolution BGO Detector Module – 6×8 Block GE CT
    E2210882 Motherboard- Intel GE CT
    2394871-2 16 Channel Cable GE CT
    5272157 Cherokee 48V Power Supply GE CT
    5162691 CFC J4T to Temperature Sensor GE CT
    2320572-2 New SBC Raptor Module GE CT
    2371593 positioning assembly DST GE CT
    46-325279P2 1.4M LG Fiber Optic Cable, GE Discovery LS Pet/CT GE CT
    5174254 Fan Tubaxial GE CT
    5219979 Cradle Cover Assembly with Logo Label Positioning GT GE CT
    5271284 VCT 64 Collimator Motor GE CT
    2137130-16 GE Performix 40 Plus Tube GE CT


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