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GE CT BrightSpeed 4

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Brief Overview About The GE CT BrightSpeed 4

  • Quad Slice Acquisition
  • Tube: Performix 6.3 MHU X-Ray Tube
  • Xtreme Workstation GDAS4
  • Software Options: Helical Tilt
  • Smart Prep, AutomA
  • 3000 Image Series
  • Thin Twin Helical
  • 0_7Speed, Direct-MRP
  • Data Export
  • Copy Composer
  • Smart Speed
  • Power440
  • 90kVA



Number of slices 4
X-ray tube voltage (kV) 53
Gantry aperture (mm) 700
X-ray tube current (mA) 10
Magnet weight, tons 1.26
Voltage, V 460/480
Frequency, Hz 50/60


Top GE CT BrightSpeed 4 Parts in Stock


5127467-5 Top Cover Side, Left Assembly HD Positioning GT GE CT
5129986 High Channel Thermostat Assembly GE CT
5159833 VDARC – Volume Data Acq Recon Control Computer, 2nd Edition (Jarrell) GE CT
5112758 VCT 3 Zone Heater GE CT
5245271 GTCB3 Board Assembly GE CT
2334820-2 NGPDU Control Board GE CT
2268744 DCEM GE CT
2368697-3 Lightspeed HP XW8000 Computer-CT GE CT
2233402 Axial Drive Motor Controller w/ Corer Assembly GE CT
5481923 Raptor Power Supply GE CT
2258850-3 CIF Board GE CT
2139289 PDU Control Board GE CT
2214605-3 Programmed Rotation V2 Board GE CT
5127384 Power Supply Assembly Positioning GT GE CT
46-251198P26 5V DC DAS Power Supply GE CT
2401826-2 JEDI 60DC Shielded Power Unit-HV Tank Assembly with HLB GE CT
5127468 Top Cover Side, Right Assembly HD Positioning GT GE CT
5128754 VCT Phantom GE CT
2343479 Linear Actuator, H- Power GE CT
2332632 MDAS 16 Slice Left Backplane Assembly GE CT
5123019 Outer Digital Module, Sherlock VDAS 32-Slice GE CT
5194006-3 HD DIFB GE CT
5112510-4 Left EMC Signal Cable GE CT
5151365 Hercules Heat Exchanger Power Supply GE CT
5105346-2 Performix PRO 100 VCT Pump, Hose, and Mounting Bracket Assembly GE CT
2292400-2 CEM Board for DST with Updated Firmware GE CT
2201229-2 24V Power Supply VMS System for Gantry GE CT
2201229 12V Power Supply VMS System for Gantry GE CT
2324118 JH4 Auxiliary Box Equipped V2 GE CT
2169223-3 XI DDP ASSY GE CT
5342308 sPAR – PET Acquisition and Recon Computer for PET GE CT
2331933 Metal-Free Compatible Phantom Holder GE CT
5127381-2 Inverter Assembly GE CT
5327993-4 Programmed Rotation V3 Board GE CT
2230555-7 KV Control Board GE CT
2225214 Power Supply Assembly CC Case GE CT
2362870-10 DARC 1, 16-slice MDAS and GDAS GE CT
2342727-4 Fraba OCD H-Power GE CT
2159578-3 Collimator Control Board Lightspeed GE CT
2277405 Patient Sensor GE CT
2242398-2 ACEM GE CT
5128609-8 HV Cable GE CT
5133505 Top Cover Rear 1700 GE CT
5407237-5 PPC KV Control V3 GE CT
2389885-3 ORP2 Board Assembly GE CT
5183570 VCT HD DAS Power Supply GE CT
2367470-2 Discovery Raptor Main Power Supply GE CT
2320572 Raptor SBC Module Assembly GE CT
5127493 Cradle Stepping Motor Clutch 2000 Assembly Positioning GT GE CT
46-220234P3 Fan GE CT
2202991 CD-532S CD-Rom GE CT
2362873 Scan Data Disk Array – GRE GE CT
2169940-46 9GB Hard Drive GE CT
2185174 VME Based 6X Sharc DSP Board GE CT
5222001 VCT HD Collimator GE CT
5169350 Uninterruptible Power Supply GE CT
2138468 Gantry SDAS (Data Acquisition System) DCB Controller GE CT
2242442 Inverter MID Power Assembly, NP V3 GE CT
2346948 Center MDAS Filter/Frame GE CT
2169940-36 Octane Graphics Card 1 and Card 2 GE CT
2346949 Right MDAS Filter/Frame GE CT
2145907-14 P9233YC OGP Board Assembly GE CT
2201184-2 P9230TE HV Cable Anode GE CT
2115993-2 Metal-free Cradle Extender GE CT
2294856-2 DHCB Assembly GE CT
2237336 Bloc Hemit NP V3 GE CT
5151105 GTVS Assembly GE CT
5143018 Halo DIFB GE CT
5112510-3 Right EMC Signal Cable GE CT
5266509-2 Upper Slipring Cover GE CT
2197234 23XX MVME Board GE CT
2323285 PET Gantry PCU Power Supply GE CT
5406518 TGPG Board GE CT
5114772-100 DARC2 without DIP Board (Westerville) GE CT
46-296317P3 GE Power Supply GE CT
2253562 8 Slice DCB GE CT
2167012 P9237HM RF Slipring Receiver GE CT
2795618 Octane II GE CT
2362870 DARC GE CT
2291958 Collimator Filter Assy GE CT
5170101 DBPCI2 Board GE CT
5130204-2 Halo VCT High Channel Backplane PWA GE CT
2241899 Servo Amp GE CT
2354053 WATSON 16 Detector Assembly with Diode Upgrade GE CT
2339120 Cradle Drive Assembly- H Power GE CT
2346947 Left MDAS Filter/Frame GE CT
2237336-5 Hemit Tank (Optima) GE CT
2361853 16 slice GDAS DCB GE CT
2144715 LightSpeed QA Phantom GE CT


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