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VCT 64

Brief Overview About The GE CT VCT 64

The LightSpeed VCT has the ability to generate images at very small spacing and thereby exceed the number of native acquisition channels. When the scanner operates in a helical mode of data acquisition with its 64×0.625 mm detector configuration and a 1.375:1 helical pitch, images can be reconstructed spacings as small as 0.1 mm. The table below shows the average number of slices that can be generated per 360 deg of gantry rotation. The average number of slices per gantry rotation is calculated by dividing the total number of reconstructed slices by the number of rotations during the data acquisition.


Number of rotations Coverage in z (mm) Total number of reconstructed slices (images) Average number of slices
1.71 30 301 176
2.00 46 461 230
3.00 101 1011 337
4.00 156 1561 390
5.00 211 2111 422
6.00 266 2661 443



Premium Image Quality Helical Example

Premium image quality (near axial image quality) is achieved as follows:

  • Detector macro-row size = 50% of the desired image slice thickness.
  • Pitch (table travel over beam collimation) = at lowest pitch

Cardiac Overview

Cardiac helical is a lower pitch helical scan is available for cardiac applications in conjunction with
the CardIQ SnapShot option. In this scanning mode, heart rate monitoring is performed during the
helical acquisition and the associated EKG gating information is stored with the scan data such
that a cardiac gated SnapShot reconstruction algorithm can be applied for prospective and
retrospective images. SnapShot reconstruction is used to minimize the motion of the heart in the
resultant images. The pitch factor for the cardiac helical scan is determined by the system and is a
function of the patient heart rate.

Cardiac Helical imaging features include:

  • Scan Speeds: 0.35*, 0.375*, 0.4, 0.425, 0.45, 0.475, and 0.5 seconds.
  • * only available if the sub 0.4 second option is installed.
  • All kV and mA stations available, dependent on generator and tube limitations.
  • 60 second maximum cardiac helical scan time.
  • Pitches: determined by system, ranging from .16 – .325, based on patient heart rate. A higher heart rate will use a higher pitch factor.
  • Variable image thickness of:
  • 0.625, 1.25 and 2.5 mm for 40 mm detector coverage for 64 slice configuration.
  • 0.625, 1.25 and 2.50 mm for 20 mm detector coverage.
  • SnapShot Segment, Segment Plus, Burst, Burst Plus, and Segmented (non-gated) reconstruction options.
  • Cardiac phase location parameter of 0 to 99% of R-to-R cycle.
  • 0.1mm minimum incremental retrospective recon image spacing.

Once the cardiac helical data has been collected, it can be reconstructed at one or more arbitrary
heart cycle phase locations. Segmented reconstruction is also available retrospectively if nongated images are desired.
Cardiac Cine acquisition for cardiac imaging is available in conjunction with SnapShot Pulse and
prospective cardiac gating. In this step and shot cine scanning mode, the heart rate is monitored
during the scan and the R-peak triggers the acquisition of data for that location. The table moves
to the next location and waits for the next R-peak to trigger acquisition of data for the phase
specified. SnapShot Pulse is a lower dose mode compared to cardiac helical modes. A padding
value allows for flexibility of neighboring phase locations to accommodate small fluctuations in
heart rate (a few BPM or less). However, a stable heart rate of 65BPM or less is recommended for
SnapShot Pulse.

Cardiac Cine imaging features include:

  • Scan speeds 0.35* seconds.
  • * only available if the sub 0.4 second option is installed.
  • All kV and mA stations available, dependent on generator and tube limitations.
  • Image thickness of 0.625 mm.
  • Retrospective gated cardiac volumes are limited to common phases across all cine locations in the acquisition.
  • 0.1mm minimum incremental retrospective recon image spacing.

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