Diving Into The Siemens Sensation CT Scanner—What To Know

by | Apr 7, 2021 | CT

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When it comes to investing in CT scanners, the Siemens Sensation line is the most innovative one yet. The company behind this machine was the first to introduce CT scanners to the market, paving the way for change in the medical world forever. As such, it can be safely deduced that they’re one of the most advanced—making this new line even more worth the money. 

The Siemens Sensation comes in a variety of slice configurations, including 15, 40, and 64 slices. If you wish to purchase a brand new or used Sensation CT scanner, one of the most important things to consider is the upsides and downsides to the machine’s performance.

In an effort to help you understand the specialists and features the Sensation scanner can perform, here’s a quick and easy guide to follow. It’s best to set your expectations first before investing:


The Upsides of The Siemens Sensation

Apart from being the hallmark of CT scanners in the market, Siemens scanners offer undeniable performance and durability. Most medical facilities install 64-slice scanners, due to their speed and resolution. The Sensation CT scanner is certainly worth the investment, as its amazing image qualities never affect the speed and accuracy of performance. 

It’s equipped with CARE Dose 4D technology, which is essential for creating high-resolution images. At the same time, it also allows imaging technicians to reduce doses by 70%, thereby increasing cost savings. The Siemens Sensation scanner also boasts of a no-delay workflow, as its 3D reconstruction can simultaneously work with raw access data, helping facilities diagnose patients in the fastest way possible. 

As a result, facilities can now enjoy a highly efficient workflow, with no delayed patient schedules causing migraines. You’ll also be able to improve customer experience, ensuring that you maintain quality and standard care. 

The Siemens Sensation scanner also offers the ability to perform cardiac imaging, done with a rotation time of only 0.33 seconds. Spiral artifact-free imaging is also guaranteed, supported by the STRATON high-performance CT x-ray tubes and UFC detectors. 


The Downsides of the Siemens Sensation 

The Siemens Sensation scanners come with two detector types. One of them can be found on the 10 and 16-slice machines, while the other is integrated into the 40 and 64-slice machines. However, it’s worth noting that both use a ceramic-based proprietary, which fluoresces under direct exposure to x-ray eaves. Both of these detectors also come with 42 modules, which then absorb the x-rays to be converted into electrical signals.

As time passes, however, these detectors can begin to degrade. All these depend on a few factors, however, such as humidity and room temperature where the scanner has been placed. Patient volume is also a contributing factor, but there are ways to troubleshoot and curb its deterioration. 

Should you encounter any detector module problem, the issue will usually happen on the ring or band in the axial sequence. This will become apparent on the images, producing straight lines on the final product. You’ll want to swap the modules immediately with new parts, testing as necessary. Should the lines or artifact move with the module, you’ll want them replaced as soon as possible.


The Bottom Line

Investing in a CT scanner is a worthy pursuit, and therefore requires careful and strategic planning. You’ll want to research as much as you can about the product, even if it’s been produced and manufactured by some of the best companies in the industry—such as Siemens. Remember to keep this guide in mind as you explore your options!

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