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Couch Safety Curtain Under RX2 Cable – 451000025341 | In Stock & Ready To Ship

Inventory / GE / MRI / Couch Safety Curtain Under RX2 Cable | Part # 451000025341

Couch Safety Curtain Under RX2 Cable


How can I buy this part?

We have several purchasing options for the Couch Safety Curtain Under RX2 Cable. Outright, Exchange and Repair + Loaner purchasing options are available, submit a quote request for a formal quote!

What is your loaner program?

If you are in need of a temporary solution while your part or coil is being repaired, we can loan you one of our system tested and quality inspected parts to keep you up and running.

Do you offer technical support and warranty?

Our engineers work around the clock to help you troubleshoot and diagnose your MRI or CT system. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week! Please visit: MRI & CT Technical Support for more information. All of our repairs and exchanges come with a 90 day warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

Do you offer repairs?

We can repair most Gradient Amplifiers, ACGD, SGA, HFA, SGD, Quantum, Papillion, XL, XXL, Popeye, Gradient Power Supplies, Analogic, GE, Techron, Siemens, RF Amplifiers (Solid state and tube types), Analogic, Erbtec, Colorado Med Tech, HEI, MKS, Siemens, Tele, Support Electronics, SSM, Driver Modules, Pin Drivers, MSHS, Transmitters, Receivers, Hybrid Splitters, Pre-Amplifiers, TALES, Body Tune Boxes, CODIBOX, CODIMUX, Coil Interface, & CT Parts and Assemblies, Controls & Inverters. For a full list of repairable parts, please visit: MRI & CT Parts Repairs

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