7 Siemens Medical Imaging Parts That Regularly Face Problems

by | Sep 9, 2021 | CT

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Siemens medical imaging technology has been around in the medical industry for a long time now. There is no shortage recorded regarding its availability throughout the world, whether it’s high-quality, late-model, or pre-owned imaging equipment. Although its existence has been quite long, there is still inevitable maintenance needed for parts that may fail after high long-term usage. 

Whether it is because of wear and tear, lack of preventive maintenance, or a limited life expectancy, a medical imaging specialist must know the common problems a Siemen medical imaging device encounters. This information will help keep the equipment running properly to ensure the safety of the patients and the operator. 


1. Carbon Brushes for CT Systems 

In medical imaging devices, carbon brushes for CT systems are the most common parts that need necessary replacement. The manufacturer actually suggests replacing them once a year to avoid the much-dreaded CT system downtime. 


2. CT System Detectors 

Common problems for CT systems occur when the temperature inside the room (heat and humidity) or frequent patient use causes images to degrade. Usually, it appears in the Siemens Sensation and Definition families. The issue commonly results in a bad image or an image artifact. You may fix this using a tune-up to determine if there are detector modules affecting operations, but a replacement is likely needed in more severe cases. 


3. Potentiometers and Encoders 

Another component that needs constant replacement is the potentiometers and encoders, which are used to control the position and movement of devices, such as tables, tube cranes, wall stands, and C-arms. Once it starts to move slowly, or once it simply stops working, its function will not be able to function optimally, so replacing it is ideal. 


4. Inverters

Inverters are crucial to any medical imaging system generator since they produce the voltage (kV) and current (mA) of the piece of equipment. Once they start to fail, they may affect the other parts of the device. Conducting proper troubleshooting steps to detect the issue might help, but replacing it would be a better idea if you were unable to resolve the problem. However, other issues may cause an inverter to fail, so it is crucial to find the root problem to avoid severe damages in the long run. 


5. X-Ray Tubes

There are four most common issues that cause x-ray tube defects, including heat, open filaments/focal spots, anode rotation failure, and arcing. Arcing is when the tungsten splatter or deposits on the inside of the tube insert. On the other hand, open filaments contribute to premature failure of X-ray tubes because many doctors prefer small/micro focal spots, making it difficult for the tubes. If ever these cases happen, the tube will need immediate replacement. 


6. Hand and Foot Switches

The hand and foot switches are the parts that CT imaging devices frequently use, so they have a higher chance for damage due to wear and tear over time. Aside from repetitive usage, the switches are also prone to damages since they are exposed. For example, someone may spill something on the switch or step on the cord and run carts over it. 

7. UPS Devices 

The Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) protect medical imaging equipment from power surges. In the end, it keeps them running during outages and helps meet the electricity demands of high-powered devices. With this pressure, maintaining their batteries is a must for anyone who uses this equipment since they will help you survive any type of emergencies. 



Aside from being vigilant with Siemens medical imaging parts’ common problems, it is also necessary to carry out regular preventive measures and maintenance of the systems to ensure the device’s proper functioning. Fortunately, there are available companies that provide solutions and products for any damaged parts. And tapping service professionals to diagnose your machine will be a significant help for both patients and medical facilities. 

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