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Siemens 1.5T MRI Models – Top 5 Systems

Oct 26, 2020 | Articles, MRI, Siemens

When it comes to MRI scanners, Siemens is a brand you can trust. It has some of the best scanners in the market, with features that other suppliers do not provide. The best part is that Siemens’ wide-bore systems have been present in the secondary market for years now, which has allowed their prices to roll down.

If you are looking into Siemens equipment for your MRI scanner needs, checking the secondary market will help you find a much better deal. However, you need to determine the right model you need before starting your search. Here is a quick review of some 1.5T MRI models to make the decision-making process easier for you. 


On Siemens Aera 1.5T

The Aera is Siemens’ latest 1.5T MRI model to make it to the secondary market. Its most significant advantage is the new total imaging matrix platform known as the TIM 4G. Together with Dot technology, the TIM 4G works to improve the patient’s comfort level and accelerate the patient set-up. 

This recent Siemens innovation delivers exceptional MRI quality and speed, reducing the usual scan time by almost half. This model is an overall excellent choice, thanks to its complete set of features, such as wide-bore technology and XQ gradient package. The only downside is that this model is quite rare at the moment, but expect the supply to increase over the next few years. 


On Siemens Avanto 1.5T

If you want a good balance of affordability and functionality, the Avanto is the perfect MRI model for you. You will not have trouble finding this model, as it is widely available on the secondary market. It offers versatility, speed, and precision, and it features TIM advancements in a 60cm bore system. When used with Syngo, the system will allow clinicians to immediately display scanned images, retrieve information quickly, and make auto-align solutions. 


On Siemens Espree 1.5T

The Espree is a model that is making more appearances in the secondary market recently. It is a great, high-performance system with TIM technology that allows multiple coil connections at the same time. This open bore MRI system provides a new level of comfort for your patients. It is beneficial, especially for claustrophobic patients, because of its wide opening of around 2.3 feet in diameter and the short bore that enables a physician to conduct exams with their patient’s head outside the magnet. 


On Siemens Essenza 1.5T

The Essenza is Siemens’ version of GE’s 1.5T HDe. This system has an ultra-short and lightweight design, perfect for those looking for sleeker alternatives. This system also features TIM technology but with an efficient magnet. That means superior technology, but still within an affordable price range. With this MRI system, there is no need to manually reposition the patient and coil, improving efficiency.


On Siemens Symphony 1.5T

This model has been around the market for a while now, making it easier for you to find one. Its product age and availability also make it a good purchase that requires a minimal upfront cost. It has a four-channel system but is also available in an eight-channel version. It has an Integrated Parallel Acquisition Technique (iPAT) and an Integrated Panoramic Array (IPA) that help save up to five minutes for each patient per procedure. 



With the many options available on the market, finding the right Siemens 1.5T MRT model can be complicated. Each model has its strengths, as enumerated in this article. Find which among the mentioned advantages you value the most. 

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