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X-Ray Equipment for Your Medical Facility – Which One is Best

Apr 7, 2021 | Articles, X-Ray

If you are planning to open an urgent care center or medical facility in your community, it pays to know what type of equipment you need to offer the best service to patients. One type of equipment that any reputable medical facility should not do without is an X-ray machine.

There is a slight challenge that comes with getting X-ray equipment simply because there is more than one type to choose from. It is essential that you study your facility’s needs to help you decide on which type of equipment you will purchase.


X-Ray Equipment for Your Medical Facility: Which One is Best?

Before making the final choice of which type of x-ray equipment and machinery to purchase for your medical facility or diagnostics lab, you need to understand the different options that are available to you. Here is a list of the three main types of x-ray machines and the roles they play in a medical facility:


1 – Fixed X-Ray Machine

Fixed machines will require your facility to have the necessary space to house the machine and equipment needed. Since a fixed x-ray machine will not be movable after installation, these types of equipment will only work for a facility that will have a designated room for x-ray procedures.


2 – Portable X-Ray Machine

If mobility is a must, an option that is available to you is the portable x-ray machine. These are smaller devices that come attached to frames with roller wheels that make it easy to move from one area to another as needed. Portable x-ray machines have a motorized drive, a metal frame, a generator, an x-ray tube fixed to a positioning column, and an exposure control panel.


3 – Mobile X-Ray Machine

The mobile x-ray machine is the smallest and most compact among the rest. It is placed on a metal frame that can be kept in close proximity to strategic places in the medical facility. However, it can also be removed and transported as needed. In some instances, mobile x-ray machines are used for outdoor or floor scans. You do not need a room specially meant for this type of x-ray machine and it can be kept out of sight when it isn’t needed.


Which type is best?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The type of equipment you should decide to get for your medical facility or urgent care center should depend on your needs. Different facilities may have different needs and a variety of clients and patients to cater to. These are the main factors that should help you make the decision of what kind of equipment to include. 



The key to choosing the right type of X-ray (or any other type of medical equipment) to get for your medical facility is to consider your patients’ needs. Knowing what your potential and future patients will be looking for will greatly help you consider the right type of machine to treat them as effectively as possible.

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