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Why Should Your CT Scanners Be Warmed Up Before Use

Dec 28, 2020 | Articles, CT

The medical industry is full of bright minds and innovative healthcare workers, but most of the work remains on the shoulders of tools and machines. The CT scanner, for instance, remains to be integral to the overall success of any medical facility.

It grants doctors the power to diagnose conditions, allowing them to come up with the proper treatment plan. As a result, more and more lives are saved. Unfortunately, such powers come with extreme repercussions, particularly when it comes to energy use. 

A high powered machine requires the use of intricate parts, such as an x-ray tube that needs proper care and maintenance. Keep in mind that these materials do not last forever, but there are ways to prolong their lives, such as the practice of warming up your CT scanners before use. 

To learn more about the impacts of good warming up process, here are three undeniable reasons your CT scanners need it:


Reason #1: Ensures quality of the rotor operations

Warming up your CT scanner before use allows you to check the length of time before the rotor brake cycle starts. This effectively reduces the accumulation of heat that the stopping/starting process generates. To ensure smooth operations, it’s vital to have an interval of 30 to 40 seconds before starting the rotor again. The recommended interval may vary from CT scanner to CT scanner, however, so it’s important to know what the CT scanner manufacturer recommends regarding this process.


Reason #2: Leads to less downtime and more productivity 

Although the idea may sound cumbersome, especially in a high-traffic facility, warm-up procedures never take long. Considering the consequences that come with failing to properly care for your CT scanner, it’s best to simply just listen and follow instructions. Failing to do so leaves your x-ray tubes at risk of failure, leading to your entire machine breaking down. 

A broken down CT machine can wreak havoc on your entire workflow, which can affect your overall standard of care. Patients will be asked to wait longer than usual, whereas certain medical procedures like surgeries will be delayed. The worst part is that you will need the help of a repair technician to figure out the extent of damage, which further increases the downtime. Depending on the severity of the damage, replacements and other services can take days, perhaps even weeks. 


Reason #3: Replacement Parts and Servicing Are Expensive

Warm-up sequences ensure that all parts work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with the bonus of reducing potential damages to the machine’s parts. Getting replacement parts can be quite expensive, and depending on the extent of damage and the specific parts, can take up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. Moreover, other repair costs can also add to the problem. With that being said, proper usage and maintenance of your CT scanner can save you from a lot of headaches and budget problems.


Keep The CT Damages At Bay—Engage In Regular Warm-Up Procedures

As with all things in life, your CT scanners will eventually waver. Your x-ray tubes will one day lose their capacities to power your machine, leaving you with no other choice but to replace them. By engaging in warming up procedures, however, you’ll make the most of your x-ray parts. When it comes to CT scanners, proper use and maintenance is the secret to reducing costs, failure, and the nightmare of downtimes. 

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