Why MRI Scans and Magnetic Eyelashes Don’t Mix

by | Jan 21, 2021 | MRI

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Getting an MRI scan means that a patient will first need to remove any jewelry and metal objects they might have on their body. Many people know this, but some remain unaware that having magnetic eyelashes on during an MRI scan may also potentially pose some and interfere with the quality of the imaging results.

To protect yourself and get the best results from your MRI scan, it is best to take off your magnetic eyelashes before the scan or avoid wearing them altogether. 


Why MRI Scans and Magnetic Eyelashes Don’t Mix

Magnetic eyelashes come in many brands and forms, but they all essentially work in the same way. Each set of magnetic lashes has two sets of lashes that stick together through a series of small magnets. One set goes on top of the eyelid, and the other one goes on the bottom. Both are then held in place by magnets. 

It may go unnoticed by many people, but the magnets—no matter how small—are made of metal. It is dangerous to bring any metal into an MRI scan because most metal is not compatible with MRI equipment and machines. The safety of the procedure and the integrity of the results could be compromised if magnetic eyelashes are brought into the mix.


The Dangers of Bringing Metal into an MRI Scan

MRI scans are used to take high-quality images of the body to help doctors diagnose and treat illnesses. The machine used for this procedure uses a strong magnetic field to capture these high-resolution images. The magnetic field in the MRI machine may attract any kind of metal brought into the scan. This may cause the metal to become a projectile once the machine is turned on, posing a risk to both the patient and the machine.

Take a second to imagine if there were small, metal magnets on your eyelids. In the best-case scenario, you will experience mild discomfort as the magnets are pulled from the sensitive skin on your eyelids. The heat generated by the MRI machine may also cause the magnets to heat up. This may cause burns as well as eye injuries. 


How Metal Affects Image Quality

MRI machines produce images of the inner workings of a person’s body. The MRI scan can see-through skin, muscles, and tissues to get to the more sensitive inner organs. Magnets are metal; they are much denser than skin, tissues, and muscles. They may obstruct the view of the images that are taken. 

On top of posing many dangers to the patient and medical professionals in the MRI center, metal objects, such as magnetic eyelashes, may warrant the need for a reschedule of the MRI procedure.



Magnetic eyelashes are one of the newer trends in fashion and make-up. This is why not many may be familiar with the risks they may potentially cause a person while they have an MRI scan done. If you use magnetic eyelashes and need to have an MRI scan done, it will pay to remove them before the procedure. Remembering this will ensure the safety of the procedure. It will also guarantee the best possible image results and avoid the need for a repeat of the process.

If you run a medical diagnostic center, it is crucial that no patients bring any metal into their MRI procedure. However, if your machine has already sustained damage because of this type of incident, it will do you well to call Direct Med Parts. We specialize in CT and MRI parts and coils, and we work to quickly and accurately deliver quality parts to customers.

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