Why Is Medical Image File Sharing Important in Healthcare Systems

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Industry

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The healthcare industry constantly strives to integrate better solutions to provide better patient care and part of the challenge is removing the inefficiencies when sharing patient data. It’s a critical task that can bottleneck the facility’s entire workflow, compromising time-to-treatment cases in sectors like medical image management. 

Medical data sharing involves sending X-ray scans, MRI scans, PET scans, and more to various departments, all of which work together to reach a timely diagnosis and treatment plan for patients. 


The Introduction of Medical Image Sharing and Its Wealth of Potential 

The process is typically brimming with risks, but technologies like medical image sharing offer a secure solution to boosting your productivity. Here’s how medical image sharing is revolutionizing the industry: 


Exploring the Benefits of Medical Image Sharing Using Cloud-Based Platforms 

  1. Medical image sharing using digital solutions can save time and skip manual data entries. Instead of passing data to several departments, digital image sharing makes it easier to quickly share information throughout the relevant healthcare providers and systems.

  2. Medical image sharing also cuts down the time a patient is exposed to radiation by a significant portion since imaging technicians can speedily view, access, duplicate, save, and share the images they produce.

  3. Medical image sharing uses cloud-based networks, which means the process is easy to track. This allows healthcare providers to stay on top of patient progress and have quicker access in case they need to evaluate the findings for better treatment planning.

  4. Medical image sharing is a cost-effective solution that can greatly minimize the need to duplicate imaging scans as a cost-containment strategy. This ensures healthcare facilities can meet the budget set by the Affordable Care Act, which only allows a certain amount hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers can use to provide patient care.

  5. Medical image sharing can optimize the processes in IT departments by eliminating the need to redesign and update existing imaging infrastructure since sharing image files digitally can be done through PACS systems. 


The Cloud Being the Most Realistic and Attainable Way to Improve Efficient Image Sharing 

The best way to achieve secure, private, and efficient medical image sharing is to integrate all images — MRI, CT, C-Arm, X-Ray, Mammography, and more — into one application. The IT department in healthcare facilities takes on a critical role in creating a network where every department can communicate with each other, but in the meantime, cloud-based solutions offer the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to conduct medical image sharing. 


The Bottom Line: The Pivotal Role of Medical Image Sharing in Various Health Initiatives 

Sharing medical data in the culture of physician offices, imaging centers, and other facilities was once an arduous and risky process. The limited access still presents challenges in upholding data security according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Standards (HIPPA), but using cloud-based networks makes it possible to boost productivity and privacy. 


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