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What You Should Know When Pricing A Used MRI Scanner

Jan 21, 2021 | Articles, MRI

Imaging equipment and MRI machines can range in value. If you are selling a system or considering an update in the next three to six months, you need to know what the market values are today. With the right information, you can be confident in the figures you have for your Siemens MRI Trio or whether the price the buyer quoted for your GE MRI TwinSpeed Excite is fair or not.

There are also equipment market valuation resources like Block Imaging that can provide you with a figure free of charge. However, if you want to be more hands-on, you can do these when determining what drives your MRI machine’s value.


Identify The Machine’s Date Of Manufacture

Older systems that might not have any buyers in urban areas might still have value in smaller cities or the countryside. A year makes a difference, especially when it comes to MRI parts. So, make sure you know your machine’s year of manufacture, not just the year of installation.

Retrieve this information off the back of the gantry. If you can have someone remove the cover for you, you can see the same number on the magnet itself. 


Know The Strength Of The Magnet and Gradient

The stronger a magnetic field that the MRI coils produce, the greater the signal-to-noise ratio. It means the machine can produce more precise images, or they can produce at a faster rate than others. Most secondhand machines in the market are 1.5T scanners. These are still the standard for high-quality imaging, though faster 3.0T scanners are becoming more common. 

Aside from magnet strength, gradient also matters. Knowing the gradient amplitude (mT/m) and the slew rate (mT/m/ms) is essential. Note gradient package buzzwords like “Nova” (Philips), “Echospeed” (GE), and “Quantum” (Siemens) since these point to differences among models.


Identify The Magnet Coil Type

Do not just list the coils from the original quote or the invoice. You should take an in-person inventory and verify with your MRI technician that the coils you submit for valuation are accurate. It will be challenging if you have missing or broken coils or other MRI parts to account for later on, so note the coil type as soon as possible. 


Workstations and Software Packages

Aside from knowing the hardware, you should also be aware of the system’s current operating software. If you do, you could save the potential buyer money in upgrade costs. You could also get a higher selling price if you know what type of system you have. You can get this information from your boot-up screen.

When you are in the service menu or the settings, click on the “options” tab to see the currently enabled software options. Like with magnets, package buzzwords like “TIM” (Siemens), “EXCITE” (GE), and “Achieva” (Philips) affect the value as well. Also, list processing workstations like AWW or Leonardo.


Inspect The Exit Pathway

You must also identify the exit pathway of the machine. Determine how much your buyer will need to spend to get the machine out of your facility. If the pathway is relatively clear, you can expect a higher offer. If the buyer needs to pay for the logistics, expect them to offset their offer accordingly. You can help them by photographing the most likely exit path and putting that in the details for valuation.



People who transact on the secondary market do not live in a vacuum; they are aware of machines’ going price. They also expect sellers to provide values that are in line with the market. As such, you must ensure that you’re selling your used MRI scanner at a fair price. Taking note of the MRI parts, the date of manufacture, and other vital information will help you get the best value for all parties involved in the sale.

When you are ready to sell your MRI scanner, get in touch with DirectMed Parts and Service. We will always beat OEM’s cash offer and help you maximize your machine’s value, and we provide a stress-free de-installation and removal process. Get a quote today!

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