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What You Can Expect from CT Scanners in the GE Optima Family

May 28, 2021 | Tech Tips, CT, GE

If there is any widely-known name and brand in the CT scanner world, it is GE. From its Hispeeds and Optimas, GE has been incredible in providing consistent and high-quality CT scanners that many health firms rely on. If you are looking around for great CT scanners, then the GE Optima CT scanner family is something you consider.

In this article, we will discuss a few of the CT scanners found in the Optima family and give you a brief idea of what you can expect out of each.


  1. GE Optima 520 CT Scanner

The GE Optima 520 CT scanner does not come any more basic than this. It is a 16-slice scanner that is excellent for general-purpose scanning. It utilizes the Solarix tube, meaning that the scanner is more built for lighter scanning volumes. Despite that, this CT scanner can come with ASiR, a technology used to create sharper images.


  1. GE Optima 540 CT Scanner

Although the 540 CT scanner is a 16-slice machine (like the previous entry), the 540 CT scanner is oriented for emergency use. It uses a Performix tube, allowing it to handle much higher volumes. Also, it comes with an LCD touchscreen that offers easy operation of the CT scanner and the ability to change or modify any protocols. Fortunately, the 540 CT scanner is also compatible with ASiR.


  1. GE Optima 660 CT Scanner

The 660 CT scanner is much more advanced than the above, coming in 32-slice, 64-slice, and 128-slice versions. This makes it great for cases that involve cardiac and coronary angiography. This CT scanner also uses the Performix tube, although it is paired with a 40mm V-Res detector for Volume CT imaging. ASiR can also come with this scanner as an option. 


  1. GE Optima 580W CT Scanner

Coming with a bore of approximately 80cm, the 580W CT scanner is an excellent machine for bariatric even oncology studies. Along with its 100kW generator, the scanner comes with a large X-ray tube called the Performix Pro VCT 100. It also has a large field of view, allowing large images to be taken. The 580W CT scanner also comes with ASiR as an option.



As you can see, GE takes it slowly rather than making massive steps in the CT scanner world by implementing what is guaranteed to work. Although this technology slowly means that those that entirely rely on GE CT scanners will not exactly be on the bleeding edge, they can rely on the fact that the CT scanners produced to meet all the needs of most facilities. 

Those that have worked with GE CT scanners have come to appreciate its reliability, simplicity, and convenience. Plus, with all the refurbished options available, those on a budget can own one without breaking a sweat!

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