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What to Expect During a CT Scanner Installation – A 4-Step Guide

Dec 11, 2020 | Articles, CT

For anyone who longs to help save lives and make a huge difference in the community that they live in, the idea of building or improving a hospital is one that cannot be overlooked.

Compared to other basic needs, medicine and proper healthcare are the most prevalent of all because of their need in any stage of life. Regardless if we’re talking about senior citizens, children, teenagers, or young adults, the need for proper medical care will always remain prominent.

During your healthcare center improvement project, you may consider the possibilities and potential projects you’ll need to take care of. Currently, you may be on the onset of starting your CT scanner installation or upgrade, which is an option that remains one of the most impactful choices during your efforts to make a difference. 


What should you expect when installing a new CT scanner?

Generally, any CT scanner installation project will always be a momentous one because of the difference it can make in the level of care that it can deliver.

If you’ve been rendering medical imaging services for a while now, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with the benefits they offer. Even if you’re familiar with the idea of using such a piece of technology to make a difference in the lives around you, the installation process itself is understandably foreign. 

When it comes to ensuring that your installation project is as successful as possible, it’s vital to remember that sufficient preparation can go a long way. Let’s now go over the entire process step-by-step so that you can start preparing your establishment as best as possible for what’s to come: 


Step #1: Crew arrival and inspection

CT scanner installations generally begin when the designated crew arrives on the delivery date of the new replacement or investment itself.

During this point, the crew will bring their tools to get everything set in place and prepare the area where the scanner will be installed. After the necessary tools are set in place, the technicians will clear a path of entry that is free of obstructions and protect the affected areas with protective floor covering. 


Step #2: Scanner delivery

After setting up the necessary preparations, the next step to watch out for is the delivery and placement process that begins when the truck arrives.

For this step, the installers on your site will focus on unloading the equipment and establishing a clear point of access while freeing up maneuvering space so that the journey to the installation site isn’t delayed. At this point, you’ll need to come prepared if your establishment is busy because the delivery and movement of your new scanner may affect other tasks around the area.


Step #3: Mechanical installation

Once the scanner is brought to the room where it needs to be put in, the installers will unpack the scanner’s component and set up all mechanical-related matters. Tasks like unpacking components, positioning the table and gantry (with the mounting), and running all of the cables will take place during this step. Before your scanner is delivered and installed, the experts at Direct Med Parts will brief you over what you’ll need to prepare for while asking other pertinent questions.


Step #4: Calibration and documentation

By the time the mechanical installation process is wrapped up, a trained technician or installer will finish the process by calling in a calibration engineer who will work on the scanner. After the new scanner’s system is set to OEM specifications, the engineer will walk your staff through the usage process and hand over some paperwork for you to sign!



Although it is understandable to feel excited about the opportunity to have a CT scanner for your establishment, it pays to come prepared so that you know what to expect. Through this guide’s help, you can make the necessary preparations and adjustments to ensure that you have the smoothest installation process possible! 

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