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What To Consider Before Purchasing A CT Scanner

Dec 17, 2020 | Articles, CT

The medical field is constantly evolving, and one of the breakthroughs that continue to save lives today is the discovery of medical imaging. Computed tomography (CT) scanners, for instance, has revolutionized the study of the human body forever, as it now empowers doctors and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat conditions accurately—including cancer, aneurysms, and certain heart conditions.

For this reason, hospitals and other healthcare facilities all over the world ensure that they have steady access to the powerful machine. As a hospital owner, you’d want to strive and provide only the best facilities, enabling you to go above and beyond patient care standards. Having the best CT scanner around is an effort worth investing in, but purchasing one requires preparation and knowledge. 

To help you select a CT scanner that best fits your hospital needs, here are two non-negotiable factors to consider: 


Factor #1: The CT scanner’s tech and specs

The most common aspect that differentiates between CT scanner systems is slice count, or the number of cross-sectional images produced by the scanner with every rotation of its gantry. Most CT scanner systems have a 16-slice configuration. These systems are common for use in general studies and clinics with a low patient volume.

With more advanced capabilities and a great slice count, the modern industry-standard is the 64 slice CT. This system configuration is great for saving time and having the capability for more advanced scans required for cardiac and perfusion imaging.


Factor #2: Your budget limitations

Given its life-saving capabilities, the costs associated with CT scanners are always significant. The machines are built only with the best and highest quality equipment and software, such as x-rays that record images and tubes that need frequent replacement. You’ll also need to consider spikes in your overall energy bills, as the amount of power needed to run a CT scanner is massive.

Moreover, basic preventive maintenance also plays an important role throughout the machine’s lifespan. Bear in mind that all these come on top of the initial cost of the CT scanner, so you need to properly prepare for the expenditures. Make sure that you choose a scanner that best suits your needs, but one that falls right within your budget—you’ll only be welcoming headaches by choosing one well above the hospital’s means. 


Work With The Best CT Scanner Supplier In The USA 

Considering how much CT scanners have effectively changed the course of medicine forever, not having one in your medical facility is a loss. Investing in it not only brings you a better stream of revenue, but it can also help you develop patient care and service standards. You also boost your medical facility’s reputation, further empowering your doctors and healthcare staff to become the best they can be. However, purchasing such a machine also warrants certain limitations. 

Before purchasing any imaging equipment, make sure to keep this guide in mind. You’ll want to invest in a CT scanner that empowers and provides, not one that constantly breaks down and affects your workflow.

For the best CT scanners, along with quality parts and services, DirectMed Parts has you covered. We are a team of medical equipment experts, ensuring that our clients only get the highest quality of new machines at affordable prices. Allow us to walk you through your purchase decision, so that you can identify the right machine for your financial and clinical needs. Work with us—reach out to us today. 


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