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What Siemens Medical Imaging Growth and Innovation Means for Engineers

Sep 25, 2018 | Articles, Siemens

As the world’s population ages, people need more medical services than ever. Imaging has become a standard diagnostic tool that helps medical professionals identify illnesses without relying on exploratory surgeries and other potentially dangerous methods.

The importance of medical imaging has helped the industry grow rapidly. Some experts anticipate 6.6% growth from 2016 to 2021. That would make the medical imaging industry worth about $36.43 billion in 2021.

Siemens doesn’t plan to sit back and watch the medical imaging industry grow organically. The company plans to pursue new technologies that will help it grow faster than competitors like GE and Philips.

In August 2018, Siemens announced a new strategy, called Vision 2020+, that will lead to a leaner, more agile version of the company that can adjust to sudden changes in the global economy. The shift in strategy also means that Siemens can focus more on core projects, such as developing new, more effective medical imaging technologies.

Siemens’ announcement raises an important question about using and maintaining the company’s imaging devices: how will the changes impact medical imaging engineers and field service engineers?

What Siemens’ Plans Mean for Engineers

As Siemens becomes an even more prominent player in the medical imaging industry, engineers will need training that prepares them to work on Siemens machines.

Some of the engineers and field technicians working for hospitals only know how to maintain equipment from specific OEMs. For instance, a hospital that primarily uses GE equipment will have engineers that tend to have experience working with GE devices.

In the near future, healthcare providers are likely to start using more Siemens devices. Engineers, therefore, will need to find training solutions that teach them how to work with this equipment. They will also need to find suppliers that can give them access to affordable Siemens replacement parts. This is vital because many hospitals and medical imaging clinics are choosing to keep systems in operation for longer periods of time.

Siemens’ plan to gain a larger portion of the imaging market, in other words, will alter the skills that medical imaging engineers need to do their jobs well.

How DirectMed Imaging is Responding to Siemens Plans

DirectMed Imaging has always viewed Siemens as a clear leader in the field of medical imaging devices, which is why we’ve focused our efforts on providing parts, training, and support for those systems.

As a third-party service provider, DirectMed Imaging cannot provide replacement parts for Siemens products while they’re under warranty. Before a warranty ends, though, DirectMed Imaging can react to client needs quicker than the OEM and secure the right inventory to support the future needs of the customer at a significant savings.

The streamlined version of Siemens may lead to more innovations, but as it makes strategic cutbacks to improve efficiency, you have to wonder how that may impact client support. DirectMed Imaging is here to fill that role. When healthcare providers need post-contract support, DirectMed Imaging has the experience, skills, and inventory of replacement parts to fill the void.

DirectMed Imaging makes a point to be experts in Siemens medical imaging. We hire training and support professionals with decades of experience with the OEM, and we keep a close eye on where the company is heading next. Doing so helps our organization stay abreast of the latest developments. It also ensures that DirectMed Imaging has access to replacement and repair parts manufactured by Siemens. The faster imaging machines get repaired, the more effective hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers become at diagnosing and treating patients.

DirectMed Imaging is the Ideal Partner for Siemens Medical Imaging Needs

Of course, plenty of companies will want to fill the void left by a streamlined Siemens. DirectMed Imaging, however, stands out as the ideal partner for Siemens medical imaging needs.

Affordable Repair and Replacement Parts

DirectMed Imaging has a warehouse with thousands of high-demand parts for Siemens imaging devices, including MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, angiography, ultrasound, and radiology systems. In many cases, you can choose between new and pre-owned parts. Having the option to choose pre-owned parts makes it easier for healthcare providers to stay within their budgets and provide services at affordable prices.

Buying parts from DirectMed Imaging is often considerably cheaper than buying them directly from Siemens. DirectMed Imaging can help you save 30 to 90% off OEM parts.

In-Person Training for Engineers

Having access to parts is just one side of the equation. Organizations also need well-trained medical imaging engineers and field service technicians who know how to use Siemens equipment.

DirectMed Imaging provides in-person training with small class sizes. Classes involve 50 to 70% hands-on experience that ensures students learn how to work with Siemens imaging equipment, including secondary pieces that you may not find in other training programs.

Online Training Options

DirectMed Imaging uses online training to introduce new medical imaging engineers to the field. The online classes introduce professionals to x-ray and CT equipment.

Online classes also give seasoned professionals opportunities to learn new skills that help them keep up with changes in the industry and medical imaging technology.

24-7 Support From Former Siemens Engineers

DirectMed Imaging has a team of former Siemens engineers ready to answer your questions 24/7. Whether you’re installing a new part or calibrating an existing part, you’ll get the instruction that you need. After all, you’re getting assistance from engineers who used to work for Siemens. It only takes one phone call to get the assistance that you need.

Siemens is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of imaging technology. Since DirectMed Imaging has chosen to focus on Siemens’s machinery and parts, the company has a detailed knowledge of existing and upcoming models. When you partner with DirectMed Imaging, you benefit from that detailed knowledge.

Imaging technology has developed rapidly over the last couple of decades. You can expect the technology to continue moving forward. With DirectMed Imaging as a partner, you don’t have to worry about what changes will mean for your organization.

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