4 Reasons to Upgrade a 4-Slice CT Scanner to a 16-Slice Scanner

by | Dec 11, 2020 | CT

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CT (computerized tomography) scan equipment plays an essential role in any critical access hospital (CAH). However, upgrading imaging equipment can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Buying new equipment is not only necessary once the current equipment’s leases are up; it’s also important to fulfill certain needs and continue caring for patients.

That being said, when it comes to upgrading a CT scanner from a 4-slice design to a 16-slice setup, a CAH will need a lot more reasons than simply “the more the slices, the better” to deem the upgrade worth the investment and cost. If you need more reasons to make that upgrade, here are some benefits to help you justify the purchase.

 1. Offers radiation-dose-reducing technologies

Upgrading to 16-slice scanners means faster procedures that minimize radiation exposure for patients, and these machines are also built with dose-reducing technologies in mind. Overall, the radiation that patients are subjected to will be significantly less than what they would deal with when undergoing scanning with 4-slice scanning equipment.


 2. Less downtime and easier to maintain

A 4-slice scanning machine is not necessarily hard to maintain or less reliable. However, because of how old this technology is, chances are that you are putting a lot of time and effort into keeping it well-maintained. By upgrading to a 16-slice CT, not only can you enjoy working with brand-new equipment that experiences minimal downtime, but you also gain more access to newer parts to keep them in good condition.


3. Enhances the patient experience

Most patients do not want to spend time in a CT scanning machine. The space is cramped, not to mention uncomfortable. This is especially true for patients who have claustrophobia. As such, by upgrading to a 16-slice scanner, you can improve that experience by minimizing the time needed to capture the computer image. It also makes the entire process of offering care to the patient more efficient, as doctors can get the results they need more quickly.


4. Utilize medical reimbursements

If you have not been making any purchases regarding CT scanners, chances are that you are not making the most out of your medical reimbursements. When working with outdated 4-slice CT scanners, you will not fully benefit from the reimbursements. This is because specific standards, known as the XR-29, need to be fulfilled, which a 4-slice scanner cannot. As such, when you upgrade to a 16-slice scanner, you can comply with these standards, allowing you to maximize the reimbursements and helping you save plenty of money.



From faster scanning times to improved patient experience, upgrading from a 4-slice CT scanner to a 16-slice machine is one of the best upgrades your CAH can ever enjoy. With it, you can offer unparalleled services to ensure your patients get the care they need. Also, because you would be working with new equipment, you can gain access to readily available parts and professional help to care for this equipment.

As a result, you can minimize downtime and ensure your new machine can run for years without fault. In other words, if you have not considered upgrading to a 16-slice CT scanner, do so today!


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