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Toshiba CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes – Compatibility

Sep 18, 2020 | Articles, CT, Toshiba (Canon)

Toshiba CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes – Compatibility

The healthcare industry is vast and complex, but a huge part of its success lies in the steady help of machines. CT scanners have helped save countless lives, be it an early detection of tumors or other injuries that may have otherwise remained invisible.

Although they are manmade objects, CT scanners require working parts to deliver, and at the heart of it lies the X-ray tube, which is responsible for the success of every examination. The tube allows medical professionals access to the brain, where each wavelength is assessed and analyzed, in the hopes of figuring out the problem at hand. 

These X-ray tubes are vital to CT scanners, but seeing as they’re manmade, they are not built to last. These tubes have a limited lifespan, thereby requiring replacement after some time. You may likely have Toshiba’s CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes, which is arguably one of the most renowned CT tubes in modern medicine. 

Several versions of the said tube are available, however, and if you’re looking to have your current ones replaced, you may need extra research and knowledge. Compatibility is integral, of course, especially since you’re merely replacing the tube and not your scanners. 

To help you fully understand which tubes can be used as a replacement, here is a quick but comprehensive guide you can follow. We take a look at the Toshiba CXB-750D’s compatibility with scanners, including its variety. Let’s start!

Where is CXB-750D compatible with?

As a highly popular CT part, the CXB-750D has been expanded into a series, which includes the following versions: 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A. Bear in mind that 3A and 4A are essentially revisions, as they are released with the new and improved 32 and 64-slice scanners. The change was made to accommodate Spellman generators, which has then replaced the older and soon to retire SRUs.

The new generators sweeping across the market boasts of a whopping speed of 0.35 seconds, which prompted the revisions of the x-ray tubes. If you’re running on these faster systems, the 3A and 4A are the best choices for you. An older generator will be able to keep up with the 1A and 2A.

To fully help you understand which tubes are best to get, Direct Med Parts has conducted testing and analysis, all in the hopes of finding out what the CXB-750D x-ray tubes can be compatible with. Here’s what we came up with: 

  • All the latest versions of the CXB-750D are backward compatible with older revisions. If you’re running on an Aquilion scanner, for instance, your CXB tube can be replaced with a 4A should you need it. With that said, bear in mind that older versions of the tube will likely grow scarcer, so it’s also best to update your scanners as soon as you can. 

What else to watch out for: the cooling processes

As you may now, the CXB-750D x-ray tubes make use of two different cooling systems. One is oil-based cooling while the other is glycol-based, but the end goal is the same: to help your scanners cool down. That said, bear in mind that the latest versions of the tubers are not designed to be compatible with oil-based cooling tubes. If your equipment is currently running on a glycol cooling system, however, you will be able to invest in the latest tubes. 

When is it time for a replacement?

Now that you know which tubes your machine is compatible with, one important question remains: when is it time for a tube replacement? If your current Toshiba CXB-750D tubes are about to fail, here are some signs you need to watch out for:

  • A consistent humming sound
  • Noisy bearings
  • Arching
  • Drops or fluctuations in the cooling temperature

Keep in mind that your CT scanners are non-negotiable equipment, and many lives rely on them regularly. If any of these signs are happening to your machine, it’s time to begin looking for a replacement x-ray tube. 

The Interchangeable Nature of the Toshiba CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes

Fortunately, planning for a replacement is rather easy if you’re working with a Toshiba x-ray tube. The tubes in the series are interchangeable, save for some limitations like the cooling systems. If you’re working with a new version of a scanner, however, replacing your tubes is easier, thereby prolonging the life of your equipment. The complex nature of hospital machines may be daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll carry on saving lives without a hitch.

If you’re on the hunt for quality Toshiba CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes and other parts, DirectMed Parts offers you the best on the market. We are the most trusted and knowledgeable source for your medical equipment parts and services, ensuring that your hospitals never suffer from downtimes. Specializing in MRI and CT parts, we guarantee you quality products and excellent service. Reach out to us today.

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