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Tips for Buying the Best CT Scanner for Veterinarians

Nov 10, 2020 | Tech Tips, CT

Being a veterinarian means ensuring the well-being of animals under your care. One effective way to do this is to invest in a CT scanner. It provides you with 3D diagnostic images of animal anatomy. 

By utilizing CT technology in your veterinary clinic, you can stay efficient and ahead of the competition. To help you have an easier time choosing the best CT scanner for your clinic, here are some helpful tips you can follow:


1. Consider your budget

A veterinary CT scanner is no small investment, so be prepared to shell out a lot of money for this equipment. Make sure that you can afford it by carefully considering your clinic’s budget. 

Aside from taking the system’s initial cost into account, keep in mind that installing the CT scanner itself can be expensive. You will need to place it in its own lead-lined room and ensure it has quality CT parts and complies with specific electric requirements. 

For instance, lead-lined drywall can cost up to ten dollars per square foot, while fixed CT scanners typically require three-phase 480 volts and 150 kilovolt-ampere transformers that can cost over 10,000 dollars to install. You also have to remember that continual use, repairs, and routine maintenance can add to your daily operation spending.


2. Buy from a reliable provider

Your chosen diagnostic imaging provider is as important as the type of CT scanner you purchase. To ensure a quality scanner, reach out to a team that can do more than just offer you a scanner. Look for one that offers full-service from site planning, delivery to installation for your convenience. 

Additionally, check your provider’s reputation by asking for references or looking into reviews and testimonials. They should provide you with the necessary contact details of other veterinary clinics that purchased their CT scanners. Also, consider asking their clients for valuable information about the system’s quality and the provider’s customer service.


3. Check the warranty and maintenance plan

Most CT scanners will include a one-year warranty, but you may want to consider extending it. Doing this will usually cost you between 40,000 and 75,000 dollars yearly. Warranty plans differ from one another, so take your time to read through the warranty being offered to get the best kind of coverage that works best for your veterinary clinic.

As for a maintenance plan, you can do this through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) if you buy a new system or through a third party. Find a maintenance plan that includes preventative maintenance, CT parts replacements, and other solutions to keep your system in good working condition for as long as possible.


4. Take the type of studies you will perform into account

One of the best ways to determine the quality of CT scanner you need is considering the type of studies you will perform. For instance, you will want a high-slice count CT scanner from a reputable provider if you plan to use your equipment for more than just identifying bone fractures.



Adding a high-quality CT scanner to your veterinary clinic helps you become more profitable and lets you care for your patients more effectively. When investing in the best equipment, follow the helpful tips listed in this guide to ensure you choose the right one for your clinic.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy source for CT scanners or medical imaging parts and services, reach out to Direct Med Parts. We can help you look for the most appropriate machine for your veterinary clinic. Request for your quote with us today!

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