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The Basics of an MRI Scan – What Medical Providers Must Know

Apr 14, 2021 | Articles, MRI

As a healthcare provider, you may already know that various diseases and injuries intersect with musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Due to the complexities of these different nerve endings and blood vessels, you need a powerful tool for diagnosis and further treatment. That’s why magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a necessity in every hospital and major clinic. For your guidance, use this article as we discuss the basics.  


What Are the Benefits of Using an MRI Scanner? 

If you are a medical professional tending to a patient, they may ask you about the benefits of using an MRI scanner instead of other machines, like an X-ray. Due to this, you need to explain the intricacies of using MRI, namely its effectiveness in evaluating and detecting internal and external issues, like tumors and infections. 

Take note that the physician can also process details and significant changes through the three-dimensional frame, giving more than simply a view of the skeletal structure. As a result, they can study how each bodily issue contributes to particular symptoms. 

For instance, if you have multiple sclerosis (MS), an MRI can see the inner workings of your brain and how damaged the spinal cord is caused by the tissues. This way, a doctor can better assess where the affected area is and provide care when necessary. 

MRI scanners also come in various types, namely Open MRI, Upright MRI, and High-Field MRI. It allows you, the attending physician, and other medical professionals to work towards more comprehensive, patient-oriented care. 


What Should Patients Know before Getting Their MRI Scans? 

Just like most diagnostic tests often need patients to adhere to certain guidelines, you also need to know what is needed for an MRI scan. Fortunately, only very little preparation is needed. For instance, patients can eat and drink as they normally would and take prescribed medications as advised. However, some cases may require dietary restrictions, especially when the doctor must inject anesthesia, contrast agents, and the like. It depends on the medical condition being assessed and its severity. 

Directly before the MRI scan, instruct patients to change into the appropriate hospital gown and take off accessories, namely eyewear, removable dental apparatus, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, and jewelry. Makeup should also be removed before entering the scanner as some products have metal filaments. Going to the restroom is also highly encouraged since the scan may take a long time, especially during complicated medical cases. 

If in case the patient has any metal that cannot be removed, like surgical staples and heart valves, relay this crucial information to the doctor in charge immediately to ensure the proper alternatives are set. Pregnant patients also need special attention, and they can also opt-out of MRI if it may harm their baby.

Before using the MRI scanner, maintenance checks may also be recommended to address any major inconveniences, like MRI coil repair. This way, you can ensure a seamless diagnostic procedure. 


What Can Patients Expect during and after Their MRI Scans? 

As patients step into the MRI room, it’s normal that they feel uneasy since they are going to be either sent through a tube-like chamber or have to expose their body parts to a machine. Your job as a medical practitioner is to ensure they relax, especially since excessive movement may make it more difficult to gather data. Therefore, assure them they are safe, should stay calm, and can talk to you through the two-way intercom system in case of any immediate concerns. Once the scan is complete, life resumes as normal, and further treatments go on as advised by the doctor. 



Having an MRI scanner is an integral part of treating various medical complications. You also have to guide each patient through the process of getting an MRI scan. Just remember all the previously mentioned information, ensure your equipment is working properly, and have access to professional assistance, like through our team! 

Direct Med Parts & Services can provide you with highly reliable MRI and CT scanner solutions for your medical facility. We can provide you with 24/7 technical support to adhere to your needs. With our assistance, you can ensure your patients get the required diagnostic care. Contact us today about our MRI parts, available machines, and other concerns.

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