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The Answer to Rising Medical Tech Costs – Second Hand Scanners

Jun 10, 2021 | Tech Tips, CT

One of the biggest challenges that poorer nations face is the constant battle against diseases, especially those associated with middle to old-age individuals. This is because life expectancies are becoming longer—and although that is a good thing, it also comes with the fact that many diseases are becoming much more prevalent! 

Unfortunately, because these nations are poor, they lack the infrastructure needed to diagnose and treat such diseases, let alone prevent them. As such, many patients have faced death that would have otherwise been prevented if there were better means to identify and treat the said diseases.


How Poorer Nations Can Benefit from Refurbished MRI and CT Scanners

MRI and CT scanners have played a pivotal role all around the globe, giving medical experts the ability to diagnose diseases that would have otherwise been impossible to identify and track. As such, these machines are what poorer nations require to offer such a service to their population! 

Unfortunately, these machines are not exactly cheap. Their cost is the biggest barrier that stops poorer countries from investing enough into the machines and other medical technology. New units can cost upwards of a million dollars—a cost that can prove expensive even for wealthier nations!

Apart from the incredibly expensive price tag that poor nations need to overcome, other issues, like the lack of equipment, add to the problem. To make things worse, medical experts in such countries tend to pursue a career in their field in other wealthier countries, simply because they can make much more money elsewhere. As such, there is a lack of equipment in the country and a lack of professionals. With this in mind, one can see that the main problem that these poor nations face is that because of their lack of medical infrastructure, imaging professionals leave!

That said, there is a glimmer of hope for these poorer countries. There has been an upsurge of second-hand MRI and CT scanners, many of which come from wealthier countries. Because such scanners are built to last, the fact is that many of these scanners that are replaced with newer models are still in great condition.

Even if they aren’t, some refurbishment can be done to restore their operation, giving poorer nations access to much more affordable scanners to support their medical services. A great plus to this is the fact that with poorer nations purchasing second-hand scanners, clinics in wealthier countries can subsidize the cost of upgrading their equipment, which is a win-win scenario for everyone!



Simply put, while wealthier nations continue to enhance their imaging services by upgrading their MRI and CT scanners, poorer nations can benefit by having older models sold to them at a much more affordable price. This benefits both parties in many ways, but most importantly, it can help drop the overall death rate of cancer and other diseases worldwide.

With that, if you are looking for CT or MRI scanning systems or simply in need of maintenance and repairs, always reach out to a professional and trustworthy provider. Remember, the lives of your patients are in your hands, and you will want the best for them to give them a fighting chance.

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