The Advancement of Having MRI Technology with Contrast

by | Jun 10, 2021 | MRI

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Constant improvements and innovations are being made for current imaging technology, with some upgrading specific functions of the units. Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is already quite top-notch in quality and performance. It’s made so many strides in healthcare when it comes to spotting more undetectable issues and coming up with a diagnosis for patients. 

When it comes to other cases where MRI needs to have a clearer scan, having MRI with contrast can be quite beneficial. Keep on reading to understand what this methodology is and just how advantageous it can be in the medical field. 


The Concept of MRI with Contrast

MRI machines are pretty straightforward as patients come for an appointment to stay in the machines for the scan. An accurate diagnosis is anticipated thereafter. However, as accurate as the MRI is compared to CT and other types of imaging technology, there can still be some unseen details from the scanner and in the resulting scan. This is where contrast comes in.

Contrast is done with the use of gadolinium dye. Gadolinium is a chemical element that tends to react with the body, showcasing more intricate details that aren’t shown on a typical MRI scan. Since pure gadolinium isn’t recommended for exposure, it’s been artificially modified and mixed into the artificial contrast agent used in conjunction with the MRI machine.


The Instances Requiring MRI with Contrast

Although it may seem like MRI with contrast should always be used, that isn’t always the case. A doctor’s order and approval of using a contrast agent are needed to have an MRI scan with the ability to enhance the image quality. A doctor has to assess whether or not a patient has to be administered the gadolinium dye via injection, after all.

MRI with contrast is commonly ordered when certain areas of your body need better resolution. If tumors and inflammation are suspected in specific problem areas of your body, the chances of capturing them on a scan are increased greatly by using contrast agents for your MRI.


The Benefits of MRI with Contrast

The main benefit of using MRI with contrast is the ease that it can give to radiologists in reading and assessing an MRI scan. Since the gadolinium injected helps to darken certain areas of the body’s tissues and organs, it becomes more evident in the black and white scan on what problems a body is going to go through.

As a result, it becomes easier to pinpoint where exactly the issue is and their current condition. Understanding whether their tumor or inflammation has only started to develop, begun to worsen, or is at a severe stage can help determine what the next steps should be in tackling those abnormalities and curing a patient. 



MRI with contrast can be such an effective tool, but it should understandably be used with caution. MRI technology is already so efficient in medical imaging and diagnostics as is, though. There are many more ways to upgrade it to deliver the best care and treatment to patients everywhere.

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