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The 3 Most Common MRI Problems and How to Deal With Them

Jun 3, 2021 | Tech Tips, MR Coil

Since the invention of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, it has undoubtedly changed how doctors detect, diagnose, and treat various medical conditions. 

The MRI is more than just another test—being one of the most powerful diagnostic tools in medicine, it can offer incredible value to medical professionals, researchers, and patients alike. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that modern medicine would be entirely different from what it is today without MRI and other imaging equipment.


Problems With Your MRI

Are you sure your MRI scanner is working correctly?

We can’t stress this enough—your MRI scanner needs to be in tip-top condition 24/7 so that you can best serve your patients! Malfunctioning imaging equipment can be detrimental, as you can miss anything, create a misdiagnosis, and forever change a patient’s life. 

No one wants to see a line of grumpy patients in your waiting area and frustrated staff because of a broken MRI. Suppose you want to enjoy your MRI scanner’s benefits and continue providing excellent healthcare in your facility. In that case, you and your staff need to examine your imaging device and guarantee that every single MRI part is functioning correctly. 


Common MRI Issues

Nothing can be more irritating than when your MRI machine begins to experience downtime. To avoid being in difficult and frustrating scenarios, watch out for these common problems:


Power Issues

Power outages or glitches are perhaps one of the most reported complaints from MRI machines. Various factors could cause a power outage—it could be a power surge brought by a storm or outdated software. 

Although you can’t do anything about the weather, you can prevent system shut-downs or boot-up issues by checking the breakers and fully resetting the system after a power outage!


Image Artifacts

The quality of the images produced during the MRI scan is crucial to diagnosing a health condition. MRI scanners usually provide extremely clear and vivid images of the body, but the quality can be affected by some elements. 

MRI scanners are no exception to the effect of time. As your imaging device ages, you may see lines, graininess, or other anomalies in the images produced—also known as image artifacts. 

Sometimes, image artifacts won’t be easily solved, despite your efforts to clean the MRI scanner. Image artifacts are more often related to damage to the coils or wear or tear. As such, we recommend getting it checked by a professional to determine whether the coil or other MRI parts need to be replaced.


Poor Cooling

Poor cooling action can cause a lot of delays and problems! To maintain a working environment, your MRI scanner needs precise temperature control. However, when the cooling components malfunction or underperform, the imaging equipment will lock up and disallow scanning until the temperature lowers to the required degree.

Maintain the cool temperature by regularly monitoring the helium levels and adjusting them as needed. If your helium levels are fine, you should have the heat exchanger checked and repaired by a technician.



MRI scans are indeed a crucial part of healthcare, which is why it’s essential to ensure that your imaging equipment functions as it’s meant to. Remember to have your MRI regularly inspected by a professional to avoid any problems and know when to get the MRI scanner replaced. As long as you have fully functioning imaging equipment, you can continue to provide high-quality healthcare for your patients!

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