Starting a New Diagnostics Center – Where to Begin

by | May 20, 2021 | Industry

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A diagnostic center’s lifeblood isn’t its GE MRI Excite machine, nor is it any other machine. The true source of a diagnostic center’s strength is its staff. Not only are they the public relations of your center but also the expertise that makes the whole place run. 

If you’re already at the point in which you are building or renovating a building to become your diagnostic center, then you should already be looking for new hires. This is because the hiring process takes time. Even when you’ve already selected the best candidates they’ll need more time to actually report to work as they will probably need time to move or quit jobs they already have. Once they have arrived, it will also take time for you to train them. Therefore, start the search early to give yourself enough time.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, a good target would be a recent graduate with the potential to grow. Those with larger budgets can benefit from experienced technicians and radiologists. Hiring a chief radiologist can help immensely as they can advise you on who else to hire.


Tips on Purchasing a Website for a Diagnostics Center

Websites don’t grow on trees; they need time and money in order to develop properly. And you will want a website, make no mistake. These days, the market has a heavy focus on finding things through the internet. If you want your diagnostic center to be found by customers, you’ll need a website.

A custom website can cost up to $10,000—a hefty sum, but worth having an excellent site. You can cut costs by reducing how much detail you have on your website and how many features (such as online billpay) it’ll have. Figure out your budget and see what you need, what you want, and what you’re willing to pay for.

Do your own research and get quotes from web development companies. There are some that offer templates for websites built specifically for imaging centers. You could save a lot of money by just purchasing one of these templates and asking them to customize it.

Try your best to have your website up and running by your diagnostic center’s first day of operation.


The Most Important Thing Is Patient Satisfaction

If your patients aren’t happy, then your wallet isn’t happy. Make sure you put a heavy emphasis on patient satisfaction. Figure out how your patients are feeling. Even though they may seem content, this may not be the case. 

Create a way to get feedback from your patients. This way you can learn what you need to improve and what you’re doing right. Then, when you’ve gotten patient satisfaction to a satisfactory level, ask them to leave reviews on Google or other websites. This will draw in more patients, which in turn, will lead to more profits.



Starting a new diagnostics center isn’t easy, there’s a lot to consider. You have to worry about which machines, like the GE CT Lightspeed Plus 4, to use, who to hire, how to finance all of it, etc. Hopefully these tips have been helpful in managing all these considerations. Good luck!

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