Space Requirements to Consider Before Getting an MRI Suite

by | Jan 21, 2021 | MRI

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Getting an MRI suite is one of the best things you can do for your clinic. However, before you proceed with this investment, you need to know if you have the right space to accommodate the system.

An MRI suite is a sensitive piece of technology that has specific requirements when it comes to storage. Failing to meet these specifications can result in work delays and cause discomfort for both patients and technicians.

Before purchasing an MRI suite, here are the two storage and space considerations you need to make:


1. The Rooms Needed

It is undeniable that MRI suites are big pieces of equipment. If you are getting one for your clinic, you need to have at least three separate areas for it.

  • The Scan Room: This room is where you will place the MRI and the table. Essentially, this is where your patients will stay as they undergo the scanning process. 
  • The Equipment Room: This room is where you will store the essentials that the machine needs to function but does not necessarily need to be easily accessible to other people. It is where one can find the gradient cabinets, compressors, and the rest of the electronics. They are safer when kept away from people’s sight.
  • The Control Room: This space is where the machine controller will stay as the scanning takes place. Make this a comfortable office area with a desk, computer, chair, and other office supplies so that the technician can easily do their work. 


Others add a few more rooms for their MRI suites. While these are not necessarily needed, they can help improve your patients’ comfort and enhance the overall experience.

  • The Changing Room: A room or space designated for the patient. Scanning will require some patients to wear a hospital gown, and providing a comfortable space for them to change can help them do it faster.  


2. The Size of Rooms Needed

The recommended room size depends on the machine you are getting. Since every manufacturer has different product types and sizes, it would be best to ask for their recommendation first or seek their assistance to identify a machine that can fit your available space. 

For reference, here are the space requirements for most 1.5T models:

  • The Scan Room: The biggest room of all the three. It will require a floor area of at least 21 ft. 6” X 13 ft. 4” with an 8 ft. 9” ceiling height after shielding.
  • The Equipment Room: This will be almost half the size of the scan room. Prepare at least 11 ft. X 11 ft. 6” with an 8 ft. ceiling height after shielding. 
  • The Control Room: As long as the room is comfortable for the person using it, you can size it however you like, but the most recommended dimensions are 12 ft. X 8 ft. for the workstation and a small storage area.

By not acknowledging these needs, your radiologist, staff, and patients may need to be especially careful with their movements. You will also need to be cautious when maintaining your machine. Meanwhile, with enough space, everyone will be able to move freely, and it can speed up service delivery.



MRI suites are slowly becoming “must-haves” in the healthcare industry. They are incredibly helpful technologies that help doctors and other medical industry professionals understand the human condition better and more accurately. MRIs also serve as revenue generators for most clinics. Before investing in one, however, make sure that you have enough space for the machine to safely and conveniently operate. 

Consult with an experienced vendor to ensure that you have everything you need before making your investment. Direct Med Parts provides full-system medical imaging servicing solutions. If you are looking to buy or sell your MRI & CT system, we offer excellent buy-back and selling programs to help you. We can also repair your machine and supply you with the MRI & CT parts you need. 

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