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Solving the Imaging Engineer Talent Shortage In-House

Jul 8, 2020 | Articles, Siemens

In today’s medical imaging engineer field, directors and managers are challenged with finding talented and experienced staff to service and repair imaging equipment. Because of the high demand, most qualified candidates are employed and can be expensive to hire away from their existing jobs.

One of the main issues with finding imaging engineer talent is that these skills aren’t taught in schools. Without academic programs, there aren’t annual pools of new talent for companies to use as a resource. Most imaging engineers learned their skills in the military, or worked previously for an OEM, so the incoming stream of talented prospects is sparse and quickly absorbed.

A Source of Help for the Imaging Engineer Shortage

Meanwhile, students emerge every year from school trained and prepared for the biomed field. However, after spending some time in that role, there isn’t a clear path toward career advancement. Because degree programs for image engineers don’t exist in schools, biomed students were never counseled on how to follow a path toward image engineering, creating a barrier to entry. But there is a way for talented Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET) to advance, and for companies to fill their image engineering roles.

Directors and managers can help decrease the talent shortage by guiding in-house BMETs toward training opportunities. Helping define a clear path toward the role of imaging engineer will encourage biomed staff to take an interest. They need to understand how advancement can affect their salaries, increase their knowledge, and help them bring value to the organization.

Ultimately, if imaging engineers can’t be found within the job market, companies have to build the desire and skills in the people who already work for them. Investing in people through training is a long term cost savings. Guiding staff toward advancement and getting them trained is much less costly and stressful than hiring third party companies to chase talent within other organizations.

Where to Find Your Next Imaging Engineer

If you have BMET staff who seem to hang around the CT area, or are looking for ways to help beyond their tasks, talk to them about their options. Many of them are likely wondering what skills additional training would give them to stay relevant in the industry.

For instance, if your BMET staff worked for five years on the same equipment without learning more and they re-entered the job market, their skills wouldn’t be very valuable. Plus, if that equipment was obsolete by that time, they would have no usable knowledge to offer a prospective employer. Now consider this scenario if they stay with your company. Clearly, the need to train and develop BMETs on their career path is an essential circle of value for both them and your organization.

Medical Imaging Training Courses Are Available

DirectMed Imaging makes it easy for you to take your staff to the next level and help reduce your talent shortage. We offer a variety of medical imaging training courses, both online and hands-on at our state-of-the-art facility, offering 16 clinical setting training and QA bays with 32 fully operational systems, two modern private classrooms, and a full cafeteria/kitchen area.

Our instructors bring real-world experience with Siemens medical imaging equipment to each session. They’ve seen and solved nearly any imaging challenge imaginable and bring that experience to the classroom. Overall, our imaging training courses are an intense and exciting experience, providing key knowledge that your staff will bring back to your organization.

The Solution to the Imaging Engineer Talent Shortage

While it’s difficult to search for and find image engineering staff in the job market, the good news is that directors have a more substantial resource within their department – BMETs looking to advance their careers.

With our help, you can solve your talent shortage challenge and improve the quality of your organization. Contact us today to learn more or register your staff for the next session.

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