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Siemens MRI Avanto Parts

Specifications, Repairs, Service

Brief Overview About The Siemens MRI Avanto

For ultra-fast image acquisition. For a dramatic reduction in acoustic noise without compromising gradient performance. For one of the most comprehensive application ranges available today. For fast return of investment. For truly seamless workflow automation.



  • Up to 97 % acoustic noise reduction
  • Wide, patient-friendly inner bore diameter (60 cm / 2 ft.)
  • Q-engine (33 mT/m at 125 T/m/s) or SQ-engine (45 mT/m at 200 T/m/s) with 50 cm field of view (FOV)
  • Slew rate up to 200 T/m/s
  • Reconstructs up to 3226 images per second
  • Ultrafast, highly compact, water-cooled gradient amplifier
  • Syngo speaking user interface
  • Sites in only 325 sq.ft. floor space
  • Two CPU’s with 3 GHz and 2 GB RAM capacity


Clinical Use Whole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 60 cm
Magnet Type Superconducting
Magnetic Field Strength 1.5 T
Patient Weight Capacity 550 lbs
Weight 5502 kg


Additional Specifications

Minimum room size (length x width x height): 27 sq. m (length x width) x 2.4 m (height) (scan room, equipment room, console room)


Siemens MRI Avanto Parts in Stock


5773788 SW-Stimulation Monitor Siemens MRI
1141097 Res Con Mark II Siemens MRI
3058575 Transmitter Image Module Siemens MRI
10496460 3 Channel Left Coil Element Breast Coil 1.5T Siemens MRI
3095783 AC-DC IN230V: OUT 3X6, 5V/15V Siemens MRI
8622693 3.0T 8 Channel Knee Coil Siemens MRI
8112596 A4140 Controller Siemens MRI
7758530 Lead ACCU 12V 2.3Ah Siemens MRI
10143232 Image Processor 059 M450 Siemens MRI
10277300 Flow Sensor ACS Siemens MRI
8623626 3.0T Large Shoulder MR Coil Siemens MRI
10304172 Basic Processor MRC R630 3600 3GB Siemens MRI
10131483 Essenza Head Matrix Siemens MRI
10498208 MR005 Image Processor Step4 8K/16GB Siemens MRI
103491 Symphony 8 Channel High Resolution Knee Coil Siemens MRI
7391886 Tales D6 Siemens MRI
7548238 Actuator for MKIII Siemens MRI
4765488 Halogen Light Bulb Siemens MRI
7387892 Interface Board LWL_INT D6 Siemens MRI
7562940 D20 – Regulator Board Siemens MRI
4753203 DAFID D15 Siemens MRI
5513713 Left Connector Terminal 047 For Symphony Siemens MRI
7392470 RF Amplifier PORA Siemens MRI
10094276 Battery Box Siemens MRI
103344 Symphony Biopsy Breast Array Siemens MRI
7100055 1.5T CP Body Array Extender Coil Siemens MRI
10496461 3 Channel Right Coil Element Breast Coil 1.5T Siemens MRI
5511956 1.5T Flex Coil Interface Siemens MRI
7563047 D110 – Power-Up Circuit Board Siemens MRI
8117959 Silicon Mat Siemens MRI
8625514 4+1 Adapter Siemens MRI
10092455 73GB 10K Hard drive Siemens MRI
7389377 Dyscon BC 5A Siemens MRI
8117991 Right Operating Panel Siemens MRI
10656056 19″ Siemens Color Monitor Siemens MRI
8626074 Siemens 8 Channel Wrist Baseplate Siemens MRI
8117918 Patient Light 022 Compl. Packed Siemens MRI
8622644 3T Head Matrix Coil Siemens MRI


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Customer Feedback

“When it comes to coil repairs, DirectMed is always our first choice. Ever since we started using DirectMed, our coil spend has decreased dramatically, all while receiving top notch customer service from a knowledgeable team.”

Jessica R., New Jersey

Radiology Director

“DirectMed Parts provides great service support, we have been their customer for almost two years now and this is greatly visible in our budget. We have cut our costs in half with the help of DirectMed Parts. Besides excellent service and support they also provide great equipment at very reasonable prices.”

A.J., Tennessee

Service Technician