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Brief Overview About The Siemens MRI Aera

The pressure to deliver a better bottom line, while still providing the best care,
has never been greater. It’s clear that technology innovation can, and should,
play an enormous role in improving healthcare economics across all measures.

Aera, the first 70 cm Tim+Dot system is a breakthrough advance
in 1.5T imaging that will significantly increase your productivity, and as a result,
transform every part of your day. The benefits will be nothing less than profound.



  • Greater patient access and comfort with 70 cm
  • Ultra-light and short 1.5T system – (145 cm cover to cover, 3121 kg)
  • DirectRF – for higher signal purity and improved stability 
  • 50 x 50 x 45 cm FOV with TrueForm Design
  • Tim Dockable Table option – Mobility done right
  • Illumination MoodLight providing comfortable environment

MAGNETOM Aera delivers patient-centered care.

  • Highest patient comfort with
    70 cm Open Bore and short
    system design with a full FoV.
  • Tim’s all-new innovative coil
    architecture unlocks higher element
    configurations and higher SNR.
  • Personalized and easier exams
    with Dot.

MAGNETOM Aera enables expert-level scans.

  • Highest image quality, consistently,
    with Tim+Dot.
  • Optimize all resources day in and out.
  • TrueForm design optimizes the
    full FoV.

MAGNETOM Aera transforms the day.

  • Up to 30% more exams.
  • Attract more referrals and improve
  • Low operational costs with lowest
    energy and siting costs and Zero
    Helium boil-off.

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Customer Feedback

“When it comes to coil repairs, DirectMed is always our first choice. Ever since we started using DirectMed, our coil spend has decreased dramatically, all while receiving top notch customer service from a knowledgeable team.”

Jessica R., New Jersey

Radiology Director

“DirectMed Parts provides great service support, we have been their customer for almost two years now and this is greatly visible in our budget. We have cut our costs in half with the help of DirectMed Parts. Besides excellent service and support they also provide great equipment at very reasonable prices.”

A.J., Tennessee

Service Technician