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Should You Buy New or Used CT Tubes – Things to Consider

Apr 1, 2021 | Articles, CT

Out of all the different CT parts in need of replacements, the tubes can be the most expensive and high-maintenance. Due to this, you may assume that purchasing brand new ones is always recommended. However, they are often costly and can be incompatible with your CT scanner. That’s why old parts can be a solution worth investing in to keep your medical imaging equipment running smoothly. But which one is better for your particular situation? 

This article will discuss what you have to know about new and used CT tubes. This way, you can better serve your patients who need proper diagnosis and treatment. 


The Pros and Cons of Buying New CT Tubes

Brand new CT tubes are most preferred by healthcare professionals who run major hospitals. They are after the impressive warranty coverage offered and the peace of mind that comes with ease in replacements. However, you do have to be careful about the kind of tubes you purchase as each has a varying time span. For instance, most liquid-bearing tubes often cover a longer period than ball-bearing tubes due to their pricing. 

Most healthcare facilities often claim that new tubes are more reliable because they haven’t been used before, yet that’s not the case for all OEM components. Take note, some CT parts manufacturers sometimes exchange CT parts, fix any issues, and sell them as brand new. 

Although it may seem like unethical business practice, these repaired tubes work just as well as new ones, and you can even expect manufacturers to vouch for their quality of service. In any case, you can always request for any part’s age if you want to make sure of its newness. 


The Pros and Cons of Acquiring Used CT Tubes 

Many experienced medical centers, like clinics and diagnostic centers, opt for used CT tubes. They look for reliable medical imaging suppliers with repair and replacement services, allowing customers like you to have access to a full range of CT parts for half its original price. They can work just as well as the new parts, but you have to sacrifice a bit on the warranty. 

Most used CT tubes have an average warranty period of one to three months, depending on the type you purchased. For instance, remanufactured parts can go for less than repaired. If you are worried about any complications with the tubes, you can request testing from some manufacturers. They even buy old CT and MRI parts, meaning you can exchange them for tubes and other replacement components needed. 


What Should I Look for Before Buying Either New or Used CT Tubes? 

Consider the following tips for your guidance: 

  • Adjust your budget if necessary and look into the maintenance costs: Even if you get your hands on the cheapest CT tubes, the maintenance and repair expenses can easily make a big difference. Therefore, you should always compare all the costs associated with your purchase, including warranties, service assistance perks, and more. 
  • Ensure the other parts of your CT scanner works properly: The CT tubes are just one of the many components your scanner needs to function properly. Additionally, a complex machine like this is interlinked with the other parts’ performance, so if there are one or two malfunctions, you can expect the others to also get damaged. That’s why it’s important to identify a reliable medical imaging parts and services provider. Doing this guarantees your medical imaging capabilities are kept in check. 



Pursuing the right decision between new and used CT tubes is in your hands. Fortunately, you now have the practical knowledge needed to make your call. Just ensure you know what kind of tubes you need to meet your current CT scanner’s needs and work with our team to maximize your budget, time, and effort for maintaining your medical imaging capabilities. 

We at Directmed Parts & Service can offer you high-quality CT parts and maintenance solutions for your utmost convenience. Our team of OEM technicians and customer service staff can take care of your queries and accomplish repairs when necessary. Contact us today and browse through our various available components and scanners. 


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