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Sell Your Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Get a Free Fair Market Value Offer of Your Medical Imaging Equipment

Why should you sell your used medical imaging equipment?

  • The Chance to Give Back: Re-use and help other centers in need.
  • Quick & Easy: Simple process to turn your equipment to cash
  • A Stress-Free Process: Use our expertise to de-install and remove.
  • Generate Cash: Use the proceeds for non-budgeted needs.
  • To Help the Environment: Reduce waste – extend the life of the machine.
  • To Regain Control: Free up valuable space in your center.
  • Fair, Accurate Valuations: Leverage our industry expertise.

Get maximum value for your used equipment If you are looking to sell or upgrade your systems. As one of the largest part suppliers in the nation, we can maximize your offer. 9/10 we will beat the OEM with a cash offer.

If you have any immediate questions, feel free to reach out to Ryan!

Ryan Schock | Director

(o) (858) 299-7392 (m) (858) 997-5270


Did you know: We also sell imaging equipment parts up to 70% off OEM list price.

Discovery MR 450 1.5T Split Head Coil (5182594)
Image Compute Node HDx (5127452 & 5127452-3)
DURA 532 AKRON-Q Tube (7393148)
Part of the day social posts - mpcu3 (7383396)
Hercules Performix Pro VCT 100 Tube (2219500-4)
Part of the day social posts - power module 274 (45221502070)
Part of the day social posts - MX200 Performix 6.3 MHU CT Tube (2137130-2)
POTD 5146634-2 GE HD 8ch Brain Array
Spine Matrix Coil (7579340)
VCT DARC Ed 2, with VCT DIP 64 (5114523-2)
Sumitomo RDK-408A2 Coldhead (2218465-3)
1.5T 32 Channel Cardiac Coil - Anterior & Posterior (5366664-3) (5366664-2)
1.5T Excite Multicoil Assembly (Populated) (2296093-2)
1.5T GEM Anterior Array 5391442
A - Port Bezel and Harness for L R Port - 5111020